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Monday, December 5, 2011

Review: MAC Haute & Naughty Mascara

I adore many of the products that MAC has to offer but their mascara is one category that I make a concerted effort to avoid. Which is a shame because MAC is relatively more affordable than many high-end mascaras and it would be nice if they could make a good one. The last failure of MAC mascara in my collection was the Opulash that was released with the Wonder Woman collection. Big brush, little to no results. Before that it was Zoom Lash taking a ride on the failure train with its goopy wet mess of a formula. But I've heard some good things about the Haute & Naughty and so I said, what the hell, I'll go for it. And the verdict is in. 

The Good, The Bad, and the question of "to repurchase or not to repurchase?"

The Good:

Cool concept. This mascara basically has two different wands that allows you to decide between "Haute" and "Naughty" which is basically like "day" to "night" respectively. The "Haute" side is for defining and separating without going over the top in the glam department. The "Naughty" side is supposed give that va-va-voom, dramatic effect that I personally prefer for both day and night. Call me crazy but I don't get the concept of wanting a more "natural" looking mascara during the day, why wouldn't you want to maximize your lash potential 24/7? Performance wise, the "Naughty" side does give drama, length, and a very rich black color while the "Haute" side does a good job defining. You can use them both together if you want to define the lashes first or last or whatever you prefer. 

The Bad:

The "Naughty" side, which is the side I prefer, is a goopy, wet, mess. You really have to allow for that first coat to dry before putting on a second or else you will have major clumping. This is really not a buildable mascara in my opinion because after two coats, you can't really go any further because of clumping potential. I am sure this is one of those mascaras that will perform better once its not so new and messy. Another negative factor is that while my lashes look good when I first apply, this doesn't lash. By the end of the day, my lashes have lost the curl, have crashed, and have burned. Because the formula is wet and can't hold a curl, the product seems to flake off as the day goes on. It really doesn't grab onto the lashes and hold on for dear life like Benefit They're Real. Call me spoiled, but I want a mascara that does it all in with one brush and does it without making a mess. 

To Repurchase or Not to Repurchase?

Sad to say, I most likely will not. I have received better results from other mascaras so there really is no point to buying a sub-par mascara. I will, however, keep giving it a chance in hopes that once it dries up a bit, it will be less messy and gloppy gloopy. Spell check likes the word gloppy but doesn't like the word gloopy.

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  1. Interesting...One of the drug store companies came out with this same concept earlier this year (I want to say Rimmel, but I'm not positive). Apparently it was horrible - they had the same issues you describe with the MAC product.