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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Teeny Tiny Sephora Haul + Some Product Bashing

I went to Sephora today. The mall was packed of course, being the last weekend to shop before Christmas. My goal was to return my goopey nightmare of a YSL Faux Cilis mascara and also return the Smashbox Limitless liquid eyeliner. But first let me tell you, that liner definitely has limits. Unless "limitless" refers to all of the situations where the liner will end up in your crease. Or the disappointment you'll face when you drop $23 on it and it dries up like a bone well before its time. Then I suppose, yes, this Smashbox eyeliner is indeed limitless. I quite enjoy the YSL mascara so I am not sure why this time its so wet and messy and impossible to apply without 10 little black smudges on my eyelid and surrounding area by the time I'm done. Not to mention the wetness factor creates the perfect scenario for more black mess to rub off when your lashes hit your eye area. But if you don't plan on opening your eyes at all, this mascara may work.

The "haul" portion of this post results from my purchasing a Lancome lipstick in the shade Pale Lip, a gorgeous, creamy, pale pink-nude but more pink than nude. Lancome lipsticks are fantastic and the texture is smooth and hydrating and pretty much perfect. A day that ends with a new amazing lipstick is always a good day!

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