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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Great Red Lip For All! Tarte LipSurgence Lip Stain in Moody

I'm not a "red lip" kind of girl. I wish I was a red lip kind of girl but I've come to accept that I am just not. However, I think I have found something I can definitely hang with as far as a red lip product and I am confident this shade will work for most people. It's the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Stain in "Moody", a very wearable sheer red. If you haven't tried the Tarte LipSurgence products, you are missing out. They are nothing like a traditional lip stains because they are anything but drying, in fact, they feel amazing on and they never look or feel dry. I don't think it wears as long as a traditional lip stain but its really not the "stain" I am after, I just want a really nice smooth, comfortable, lip product that doesn't come off when I blink. There is also a matching cheek stain if you are really feeling dangerous. Oh, and the beauty of this product is that you don't sharpen them, they twist up from the bottom so you don't get any mess or inconvenience. I don't know about you but if I have to sharpen something, I will usually just put it back and reach for something else.

So I never would have purchased this product had my mother not given me the "Best Of Sephora Lip Products" gift set that includes this Tarte product as well as Benefit "Benetint", a Buxom gloss, Kat Von D "Celebutard", and Smasbox "Fame". I love those little "Best of..." kits because I wouldn't normally try most of the stuff included in them under normal circumstances. I don't have any pictures of the Tarte product on my lips because, here's why: its gonna look different on me than it does you, you, or you because our lips are pigmented in different ways. For instance, I went to google images to look for swatches of Moody because I'm lazy and I saw what it looked like on other people and it honestly looked different in every picture. Things like this can turn a person off to a shade altogether when the it looks dark on one person, super sheer on another, and super horrible on another because of some crazy liner they paired it with. Go to Sephora or ULTA if you are in the market for a great red for the holidays but really aren't a red lip girl, and see for yourself, I'm sure you will love it!


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