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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Getting Fed Up With "Beauty Experts"

I can't stress to you enough to do your own research and second guessing when it comes to purchasing products. Don't you think people that work at beauty retailers should know at least as much if not more than their customers? Call me crazy but I do. My mom went in to Sephora (my poor mom is getting duped a lot as of late) to buy her Pureology Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner (which they didn't have). Long story short, the sales person on the floor talked her into another brand because "Pureology contains a lot of alcohol" which she told my mom would dry her hair out even further. She also felt my mom's hair and insinuated that Pureology had dried it out. Totally unecessary. Come to find out that yes Pureology conditioner DOES contain Cetyl and Stearyl Alcohol but these are NOT BAD ALCOHOLS. They are fatty alcohols derived from coconut and palm oil and they are used as emulsifiers to mix oil and water in the conditioner that would otherwise separate in the bottle because oil and water do not mix. They are both emulsifiers but Stearyl has two extra carbons and is therefor longer than Cetyl. Basically, they help your conditioner to spread. It is a shame my mom didn't have this scientific information on hand because it would have really shut that girl up and made her look inferior to my mom's expert analysis of the chemical composition of said alcohols. Not that the girls there work on commission but I still don't appreciate her making alarmist statements with no factual background. Not to mention, my mom was shopping at the Sephora where I live and now is back home in her own state and they do not have a Sephora anywhere close to her for her to return her mistake purchase that she ended up not liking. Even though the sales person said she would LOVE IT SO MUCH MORE. Lesson learned.

The bottom line, and reoccurring theme of my posts, is to do your own research, and don't assume just because someone works at a beauty retailer that they know more than you.


  1. agreed, I asked a manager at my local Sephora about the different types of setting powders, seeing if I could get an answer as to the different finishes. One was a mineral, one a silica, and one a regular translucent powder. She told me they were different because one has minerals and the other two do not. I could have probably told her more about it. That was no where near the answer I was looking for. I hear you when you say do your own research.

  2. I hear ya Kiara! I like when you ask a question and they look puzzled and start reading the back of whatever product you're asking about. Like, I could have done that!

  3. Lord how I hate, and laugh at, ignorant sales reps. I once stopped by a NARS counter not to long ago and wanted to check some of their lip products before heading to MAC which was just feet away from the NARS counter. As I was trying some of the lip colors & asked the price, stating I decided I'd rather buy MAC as I find the quality & color selection better plus the prices are cheaper, she began going off about NARS being 'higher end' and other assorted bits of BS. This coming from a sales rep whose makeup was very badly done & who was looking like she had done the walk of shame on her way to work. WTF? I asked her if she heard anything I had said. More color selection. Better prices. Better quality products. Hello? Obviously I'm not a customer that gives a rat's ass as to 'higher end' products. I want products that work for me & that don't cost an obscene amount of money, regardless of the label. I'll only buy higher end if the product is so great that it justifies the price tag. She also had the odacity to claim NARS had 'superior customer service' and would take returns of anything I wasn't satisfied with, unlike MAC. According to her LOL

    Needless to say, I bought nothing from this idiotic cow & went straight to MAC and spent over $250. Big mistake, stupid sales rep who could've made a commission. I also told the MAC reps what the NARS rep was saying about the products, their customer service, and that she was outright lying about their policies. I've returned many products to MAC, even items I had bought in other countries. So I knew the NARS rep was lying her ass off.

    Haven't been back to NARS as a result of that ridiculous fiasco, but have been back to MAC many times since then. I always make sure to walk by the NARS counter so that if she's there, she can see where I'm heading to spend my money. At every counter except hers LOL