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Friday, December 30, 2011

Hautelook Haul: Crown Brushes Set!

So you probably don't hear too many people talk about Crown brushes but Crown is a very well-respected brand in the world of makeup artistry. Often overlooked and overshadowed by heavy hitters like MAC and Sigma, Crown deserves a little recognition themselves.  I'm a sucker for a good brush but I also cringe when I think of paying upwards of $50 for one. So when I see Crown on Hautelook from time to time, I jump on it. Last year I bought my favorite blending crease brush from Crown for around $4 and unfortunately I think someone ran off with it. Steal my jewels, my towels, my favorite shampoo... but keep your dirty thieving hands off my makeup and related utensils. Thankfully, I've bounced back from that makeup brush betrayal and purchased a set that Crown put together exclusively for Hautelook. I'm a sucker for pink and white, what can I say. I believe it was around $45 which is great for all that I got. The brush set comes inside a pink travel clutch and includes: 

-angled blush brush
-powder brush
-foundation brush
-angled liner brush
-small shadow brush
-large shadow brush
-crease brush
-lip brush
-eyebrow and lash comb
-smudge brush
-concealer brush

and a few more that I am failing to remember..  The brushes are so pretty and girly but you probably can't see the pretty pink tips on the white brush hair. For the price, these brushes are a great deal. They are super soft and the eye brushes are very sturdy and well made. I especially love the small, dense, crease brush that will be perfect for blending a smoky eye. They work just as well as my MAC brushes but with a much smaller price tag! If you're ballin' on a budget, try Crown for all of your makeup brush needs. And if you have a ton of money to drop on luxury makeup brushes, I think Bobbi Brown makes the best there is. I would also highly recommend the Sephora Pro-Platinum brushes (the silver and white), and if you love MAC but want something cheaper then Sigma is definitely your brand. As far as the drug store goes, Eco Tools makes some lovely (and so soft) brushes. And oddly enough, Revlon makes a killer blending/crease brush (probably my favorite at the moment). 

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  1. I once tried to order brushes from Crown but their customer service was so atrocious that I canceled my entire $200+ order before paying. It's too bad because these brushes look gorgeous. That fiasco with Crown led me to Sigma and Royal & Langnickle, both of which have stellar customer service. Even when I was at IMATS this year & was having problems paying for my parking & funding the venue location, it was Royal & Langnickle employees who helped me. They even walked me straight to the venue. Needless to say, theirs was the first booth I stopped at to make a purchase.

    I love all of the brushes I purchased from them & am kicking myself that I didn't buy a lot more than I did, especially at the heavily discounted prices they had at IMATS. Their products are spectacular. I've been using them daily since I bought them. Will definitely be buying a lot more in the near future.

    1. Sigma does have great service- Never heard of Royal & Langnickle will have to check them out. Definitely planning an IMATS trip next time around in NYC, would love to try a ton of the brands that are there! I like Crown, they are reliable brushes that haven't failed me yet but they range in quality- I think I got a midrange from Hautelook in this post, their eyeshadow brushes in this collection are too stiff but face brushes are nice. I used to have a blending brush, all black, that I loved and then someone stole it, ha! I don't blame them I guess, LOL.