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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Shop Smart at the Cosmetics Counter!

I know we all hate pushy sales people at the cosmetics counters that pounce on you immediately upon entering their territory. I know they are trying to make a buck but I get really mad when they try to take advantage of people that are new to makeup. Like my poor mom. We went to Nordstrom this past weekend and to make a long story short, they tried to get her to buy $366.00 worth of Trish McEvoy makeup. It all started when my mom and I were innocently walking through the cosmetics counter area and two Trish employees asked if we wanted a free "touch up". Of course I did! However, my makeup artist messed up the winged liner I had done on myself the morning of and when he "fixed" it, it looked like crap. And he used a kohl pencil that wasn't even very sharp to try to recreate my perfect wing. It smudged off within the hour. And yet this eyeliner was something they tried to talk my mom into buying like it was the only liner on earth that would work for her. Here is my point. When you go get your makeup done, you don't have to buy the products they use on you to get the look they did. Instead, take their information, tips, and knowledge from them but leave the products behind and find cheaper alternatives. Who wants to spend $20 on a kohl eyeliner pencil that wears off if you sneeze? Especially when brands like Wet N' Wild, Prestige, and NYC make some killer liners for under $6. My mom and I went down to Sephora to get her a navy eyeliner similar to the Trish one the makeup artist put on her. We found a waterproof one that doesn't budge for $12 and its 10x better. Some things are worth investing in, like foundation, concealer, skin care but some things like liners are not. Not to mention the Trish people overcharged us and told us one of the items was only $30 when it was actually $40. My mom didn't want to even go back and talk to them after we looked over our receipt but I did all the talking and got it taken care of. Had I not been with her, she would have walked out of there with nearly $400 worth of products she didn't REALLY need. And those ladies wouldn't have lost any sleep over it.

Now if you have the money to blow, by all means, buy whatever you want but if you are trying to watch your money like most of the country, don't let these vultures take advantage of you. Arm yourself with knowledge before you go makeup shopping. Look at reviews to find alternatives that can be found at the drugstore. And never let them convince you that you NEED anything!

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  1. Totally agree. Micabella is another company with sleaze-mongers working for them. What can you expect when the company itself is so sleazy? I've walked by counters where sales reps have managed to accost older ladies, obviously seniors & very likely on a fixed income, and have them sitting in the chair getting their makeup done. While they have them hostage, you can hear all the BS sales tactics they're using on them. I have on occasion walked up & told these poor women 'don't you believe it. You can pay much less money & get some spectacular products at the drug store'. I had one sales rep threaten to call the manager or security. I told her to be my guest. I'd love a reason to call the police myself & report the scam you're pulling on these little old ladies in their 70s & 80s. Fraud....ever heard of it? Many companies get busted for pulling scams on vulnerable older women like this. Sales reps for any company - including Chanel, Estee Lauder, Lancome to name just a few I've seen pull these scams on these ladies - should not be able to get away with this. Poor women. It really fries my backside to see things like this going on.