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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cheap Nude Lipstick Alert! Essence Creamy Nude

$2.50 can't get you very far these days but it can buy you a great nude lipstick. Essence is a very cheap brand that can be found at ULTA if you live in the US. I am surprised that this lipstick is only a couple of dollars because it is nice, creamy, smooth, and it smells like watermelon. Usually cheap lipsticks smell like plastic right? Creamy Nude is a warm nude that has a rosy tone to it. The texture is something in between a lipstick and a gloss in that its thinner than a lipstick but gives a nice enough sheen to be able to forgo a gloss on top. The pigmentation is nice, you get all the color of a lipstick but the feeling of a lip balm.
The only drawback is that, like other cheap lipsticks, the packaging isn't very secure so watch it when you throw it in your purse because the top comes right off.

Photo taken by me: Essence Creamy Nude

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  1. I absolutely love Essence lipsticks! I purchased this shade as well as a lighter nude called In The Nude. They're amazing, as you said. Super creamy, very opaque, non drying. And they last on my lips quite a long time. Yes, the packaging does bite, most definitely. But considering the quality of this product, I can forgive them. I really really love these!

    1. I know these are so good for the price- love the smell and the texture. At least they don't put all their money in uneccessary packaging while skimping on the quality of the product- hate when drugstore brands do that.