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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Zoya Pandora from the Zoya Touch Collection + The Germiest Place in the Mall!

Zoya's Touch Collection features three soft pinky nude shades that you will be sure to fall in love with if you are a nudes girl. I picked up Pandora, a pale dusty mauve-nude with a very slight metallic sheen. And I quite love it. Zoya polish rocks because it applies creamy smooth and dries fairly quickly. The other shades in the collection are Shay, a dusty rose beige, and Mika, a latte beige cream. Both shades have that subtle metallic finish. It was hard to choose between the three. The shades couldn't be more perfect for me and I'm getting a little bored of what I've been wearing lately. It was 75 degrees today, that doesn't exactly put you in the dark polish mood.
Zoya Pandora, Photo found at
It pained me to look at nail polish today while at ULTA because I was standing next to two dim-wits who were actually testing different polishes on their nails, which would be fine if they were using testers and not the brand new bottles that someone else will buy. At one point, they tried on a purple shade and freaked out because "OMG its SO purple! OMG let's go find some nail polish remover!" Umm, when you put on the polish, what did you expect it to do? Something besides stay on your nail? So they proceed to look for nail polish remover to open up and stick their grimy fingers into. Luckily the polish removers are usually sealed. I'm not sure if that stopped them because I had to remove myself from the situation. I can't sit there and watch perfectly good cosmetics be abused like that.

That reminds me, I heard on the radio that out of all the nasty, bacteria ridden places in the mall, the #1 germiest, most bacteria ridden playground of filth in entire mall is....... the tester product displays at the cosmetic counters! Even germier than the kids play areas, food court, and bathrooms which were all ranked below the makeup testers displays. How sick is that?! I am not surprised it was on the list but I guessed that the play areas would be the leading den of disgustingness. 

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  1. I love this Touch collection and it looks fabulous on you. Sadly, Zoya does not work well with my body chemistry. As far as those PITA kids, I hate people like that. That is why I always open the bottles and check to make sure they haven't been blatantly used. I was in The Body Shop today and these two women were directly applying the tester lipstick and eyeliner to their eyes. It made my stomach turn. So incredibly gross.

  2. @thelaqueredlady ugh...that is so gross! They will probably end up with an eye infection!