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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fragrance Everyone Will Love: Prada Candy

I normally don't do fragrance reviews or recommend that someone buy a certain one because fragrance is a very personal, subjective thing where tastes can differ tremendously from one woman to the next. I don't try a lot of fragrances because normally if I find a couple that I love, I stick to those and they become my signature scents. I don't like to switch it up very often unless something comes along that blows me away. I am not normally into "sweet" scents. I like musky-woodsy-patchouli type "boyfriend" scents as they are so aptly named nowadays. 
Prada's new fragrance "Candy" is a sweet scent that is reminiscent of Pink Sugar but done in a more sophisticated, grown up way. It is so delicious. This is a scent that I think almost everyone would like because it just smells good without being too much of any one note. It's not heavy whatsoever, it is very light and wearable. The composition of the fragrance is an elegant mix of musks as the top notes, followed by some vanilla and then an explosion of caramel at the base. But it isn't too sweet or sugary smelling, it has the right amount of sweet without being headache inducing. And the bottle is gorgeous and will visually make a beautiful addition to your perfume collection. I think that Prada Candy is the gift that you could give any woman in your life and she is going to love it, whether she be 16 or 60. 

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  1. I will have to give this a spritz. I swear I am the hardest person with perfume. My body chemistry does really funky things to scents.

  2. I feel the same way you do about fragrances. I don't like very many and I tend to avoid sweet scents. Bit I must say, I love this perfume. It sort of reminds me of MAC's Naked Honey in intensity, although it's different. The only perfumes I've ever used up are that one from MAC & Obsession. I'm sorry I didn't buy more bottles of Naked Honey when it was released. But Prada Candy will hold me over til MAC does a re-release :-)