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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Foundation Ever: Estee Lauder Doublewear

Oh, Estee Lauder Doublewear, where have you been all my life? You are so perfect for me that I feel like I have known you forever, and yet, we only just met. They warned me about you, they said Doublewear would never work for a person with dry skin, they said it was too matte and it would emphasize dry patches. But they were wrong. Boy were they wrong. 

So I've always pretty much thought of Estee Lauder as a grandma brand. They were like one of the first makeup brands I'd ever heard of when I was a kid. Let's just say if I was on the hunt for new makeup, this is one counter I would have breezed right past. Shame on me. I've heard people talk about the amazingness of this foundation but I was scared to try it. I am SO break-out prone when it comes to foundation and I have very specific criteria I adhere to when I am looking for a new one. As of late, it seems like I'm ALWAYS looking for a new one because I am constantly being thrown under the bus by every single one I try. Until now.

OMG, I love this stuff. Why do I love this stuff? Because it covers like a DREAM. Seriously, I need no concealer with this because it even works to brighten up the under eye area. It is a matte yet semi-dewy finish which is a hard combination to achieve. The fact that it does dry kind of matte-like makes it something that dry skin girls may avoid but it totally works for me. I use a great moisturizer (Philosophy When Hope is Not Enough SPF) and I see no dry patches or experience any dry looking face of any kind throughout the day. And it wears for ever and ever. I have NEVER, and I repeat NEVER had a foundation that looked the same on my face 10 hours from the time that I put it on. I have never found a foundation that looks the same even 5 hours after I apply it. Its seriously, like magic. And it hasn't broken me out after almost a week which puts me in the safe zone. Another amazing quality, I don't need a setting powder. This one wonder product eliminates the need for a concealer and a setting powder. I speak for myself though, some of you oily buckets may need a setting powder. No insult intended, I wish I had some of that oil up on my face so that I wasn't a dried up old troll without some super heavy moisturizer. Especially in the winter.

So the only thing that bursts my bubble is the price, yikes! Grandma's be shelling out some big bucks on Estee Lauder because this stuff was like $37 with tax. For a glass jar, I might add. Which I hate. No pump allows for major inaccuracy and misjudgment when it comes to determining how much product you will need. It takes practice I guess. Glass bottles are so dated. I haven't had a glass bottle in forever. I mean its been at least a month. But before that it had been years. Get with it makeup makers! Pumps are so much more sanitary and easy to use. I bet you those makeup makers give us glass bottles on purpose so we pour out 5x more than we need every time and have to replace our foundation like 5x more often. I'm on to ya!

In all seriousness, I couldn't be happier. Let's simplify things a bit for those that like to cut to the chase and move past the ramblings of a lunatic.


-LONG WEAR! They say 15 hours, I haven't tried it for longer than 10 but we are good to go with 10.
-FULL and FLAWLESS coverage. 
-Matte finish yet has a beautiful sheen that makes skin look alive and glowing. 
-Great shade selection (I'm fresco which is a neutral for those that aren't too warm or too cool, its about a MAC NC or NW22-25)
-Doesn't smell like perfume or strong fragrance (Ahem :cough:: Chanel)


PRICE. Around $37-ish
Stupid glass jar bottle with no pump

This stuff is no joke. Its there for the long haul. So when you apply it, don't use your fingers. Its not the blending type of foundation. It goes on best with your standard wedge sponges that you can buy for a few bucks at the drugstore. Put some foundation on your hand and get some on the sponge and go around your face in a patting motion. You will get the most natural finish in this way. I've heard that for even fuller coverage, use a foundation brush. But I don't see how the coverage could get any fuller. It dries fast so that is why I say that blending with fingers is counterproductive and has great potential for streaky-ness.

If you don't want to shell out the price, ask your counter for samples. And if you don't need something with full coverage, they make a Doublewear Light that isn't as major in the coverage area. And if you don't want to try this foundation but want a long wearing cheap alternative, try Revlon Colorstay Foundation. It has a major cult following and super amazing longevity as well.


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