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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fashion Thursday: Need Some New Leggings?

I have been hitting the JACKPOT when it comes to good leggings. Seriously good leggings. I'm used to buying a couple of pairs of leggings a year from Express only to have them thin out, fade out, and ultimately develop a hole in some inopportune area that makes it impossible to hide. SO, conveniently enough, as I was browsing some of the YouTube girls videos that I follow, there was a discussion of who has the best leggings. So I copied off of what another girl bought and loved. One pair I purchased was from Macy's and they are the INC "Ponte Knit" pant which is more like a legging/pant than a legging which is great because you don't have to feel so concerned with making sure your entire butt area is covered. They are nice, they are soft, they are thicker than a typical legging and they wash very well. What more could you want? I purchased them for $49.50. I'm not totally in love with that price but I will get over it. And buy them in another color. Or two.
Macy's INC Ponte Knit Pant $49.50
So one pair of great leggings wasn't enough. I bought two more pairs and this time from Nordstrom by the label "Zella" and they are their "Live In" leggings. I bought a pair of black and I bought a pair of denim for $52 each. And each pair is reversible! But with the black ones, they only reverse over to another pair of black ones. So, you know, in case you didn't feel like wearing black.. you could reverse them and wear black. Ha! But the denim pair reverse into a lighter greyish/bluish denim that may be cute. They are soft and comfortable and so lovely and they have no itchy tags because tags would kind of get in the way of the purpose of being reversible. What is cute is that the tag is kind of hidden in this little mystery pocket in the waist band. I mean, you can't totally forgo the tag because you need the wash instructions, right? Last thing I want to do is to decide for myself which is the best way to wash and dry them because then they may end up fitting my five year old. But she would be so totally cute in them.

Nordstrom Zella Live-In Legging $52
I can't decide which brand I like better because I love them both. I will say the INC brand I purchased look a little dressier because they have a seam that runs down the middle to kind of set them apart a little bit. And the fact that they are more like a legging/pant rather than a traditional legging. On the other hand, the Zella's are more casual, thinner, yet totally soft and cozy and can function as a work-out pant or a going-out pant. Either way, its a win win for me. 


  1. Super cute! I am on the hunt for a good pair of skinny jeans in my price range. It is insanely difficult!

  2. I would prefer Zella leggings but maybe that is because I haven’t tried the other brand. There are a lot of brands out there so it’s hard to try them all out. My friend showed up at our yoga session wearing new workout leggings and I took a liking to it. I’m thinking of getting one too and she said she’ll show me where she got them.