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Friday, November 4, 2011

Good Drugstore Foundation Alert: Neutrogena Healthy Skin

Foundation is a very tough thing to get right, especially if you have sensitive skin. Foundation can be either too oily, too drying, too sheer, too thick, too orange, too yellow, too pink, or too expensive. I have spent anywhere from $10 to $55 for foundation because frankly I would pay anything to find a really good one that meets my criteria.

 My Foundation Criteria:

A. Doesn't break me out
B. Gives me a dewy finish without looking shiny or oily
C. Doesn't sink into my skin and disappear by the end of the day
D. Doesn't make my face color look totally different from my neck color
E. Doesn't settle in pores and/or fine lines
 Is that too much to ask? Apparently so because I'm still trying new foundations. But I've found a very good one and at the drugstore of all places no less. I've heard a bunch of good things about this in the past but I never purchased it until MakeupByTiffanyD on YouTube convinced me of its potential. So, its Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation and it runs around $14.99. I bought the liquid foundation but I believe they make it in a compact as well. You may recall people saying this foundation is a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow. I haven't tried NARS Sheer Glow because I believe it has SHEER ZITS written all over it seeing as how their blush and bronzer breaks me out although I love it dearly :( Anyway, moving on..

Why Neutrogena Healthy Skin Is A Keeper:

-Great coverage, I would call it medium-full with an emphasis on medium with a smidge of "full". But I find it to be buildable so you can pretty much create your own coverage.

-Nice finish. Not too matte but not too wet looking, its kind of just right.

-Doesn't evaporate or iodize into my skin by mid-day

-Good shade selection for yellow girls and pink girls

-Cheap and Accessible

-Has antioxidants in it

-SPF 20

-Everyone says its a dupe for NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

Why You May Not Like It:

-Not oil-free (but hasn't broken me out yet and I've used it for 2 weeks)

-I hate the packaging. Its one of those good old-fashioned glass bottle types with no pump dispenser. I try just pouring a little out into the lid but a bunch always comes out all at once. Tried putting a little on my hand it enough came out for a weeks worth of use.

Who May Like It:

Those with normal to normal to dry to dry to slightly oily. It may not be matte enough for you oil slicks out there but you may want to do further research on this matter by reading reviews on


  1. This was really helpful! Do you have Any drugstore foundations to steer clear of? Im "Notepad-ing" this in my phone for my next drugstore makeup haul ;)

  2. I'm glad you liked the post! I have tons of foundations that I steer clear of because I am break out prone! But you may not be so I guess its all personal opinion. I really like the Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse in the compact but it breaks me out, so sad! I've also heard great things about Maybelline Age Rewind Foundation. Let me know how you like the Neutrogena!