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Saturday, November 26, 2011

I Love the Smell of Makeup on Christmas Morning.. Need Some Cheap Gift Ideas?

How many of you asked for some type of makeup product for the upcoming holidays or are giving some type of makeup to someone else? If you want some cheap gift ideas for friends/co-workers/people that you don't want to spend a lot of money on, I am including a great video below. 

So I was thinking, you know how Christmas and similar holidays just aren't as exciting it was when you were a kid? The anticipation you feel as a child to come around the corner, or down the stairs to see the Christmas tree all lit up with tons of presents wrapped so beautifully cannot be duplicated in adulthood to the same degree. However, the next best thing is getting to experience it through my child's eyes. Obviously nothing is more exciting to a child than opening up toys. But I think I experience a similar feeling on a smaller scale when I open up makeup gifts. Makeup to me is like toys are to a child. That is the best way to describe it. Makeup is fun and colorful with adorable packaging and cutesy gimicks. Makeup, like toys, is also vulnerable to being replaced over and over and over to find the next best thing with no real permanent satisfaction in sight. Makeup is but a mere momentary indulgence and the feeling of opening up a brand new makeup item can only be replicated by opening up another brand new makeup item. For me, using the makeup isn't as fun as the anticipation of opening up and using the makeup. As weird as that may sound, it is actually true. Being an adult isn't that fun, I admit. However, getting to indulge in some good old fashioned American materialism on a grand scale once a year is still something to get excited about (while keeping in mind the true meaning of Christmas, of course, first and foremost). And if your memories of Christmas or other holidays aren't very good, then that really sucks because every child deserves to experience the magic of Christmas whether it include one present or 20. The best way to deal with bad Christmas memories is by making new good ones, especially if you have children. Do all of the things you wish you could have done as a child and experience the holidays the way you wish you could of the first time. Better late than never. I'm celebrating two Christmas's this year, one with my husband and kids at the normal time of month and one next weekend with all of my other family flying in to stay with us. So I hope to have some makeup goodies to report soon! God Bless and be safe and happy this holiday season!

Watch the 1st Video for Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Beauty-related) Watch the 2nd Video for Building a Drug-Store Makeup Bag Gift

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  1. I love Emily Noel, she seems so friendly! You're lucky to get two Christmases - hope you have a great time on both :)