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Monday, November 7, 2011

Current Beauty Favorite: Smashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder

How I let this one slip through the cracks I don't know. I've been aware of this powder's existence for quite some time but since I am so picky about foundations and powders, I made the stupid choice to assume this powder would break me out. Plus is super freaking expensive. But, I found out that it is oil-free and is good for those with dry skin (me) and also can be purchased on Ebay (of course) for much cheaper, and in smaller sizes which is perfect for trying a new product. I hesitate to even call this product a powder because it totally doesn't feel like one. Most powders are a bit drying and after you apply them, your face normally feels a bit matte and smooth. This is how Halo differs from a powder. Its actually hydrating and makes your face glow and look relatively dewy but not in a bad or a grease ball gross way. So let's break it down, shall we?

What it is:
Smashbox Halo Perfecting Hydrating Powder: Sephora calls this the first anti-aging powder. It is formulated with 11 amino acids, a powerful peptide,  PURE GOLD and 48 minerals. What? Really? Pure gold? Wow. It has a built in patented hydration system that is actually supposed to help your face get BETTER throughout the day and not worse. The claims are that after 6 weeks of use, 67% of the study participants saw a reduction in the look of lines and wrinkles.

What it Doesn't Have in it:
Oil, Talc, and Parabens. Three little words but three very important big big words in skin care and makeup.

Who is it for?
Perfect for those with normal, normal to dry, or downright ridiculously dry peel faces. 

Shade Selection: 
Anyone should be able to find a match with shades ranging from Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark. I like that they have included little "half-shades" for those that are on the light and dark ends of each main category light, medium, and dark.

I LOVE and adore the packaging of this product. It has this shave system where the powder is pressed but when you turn the circular component that houses the powder, it shaves off the amount you want and becomes loose powder. You can shave off a bunch by turning the dial a lot or just a bit by turning the dial slightly. It rocks. You can see in the photo above.

Ouch. It's $59 but it comes with a Kabuki brush so that eases the pain a little bit. You can buy it with an even better brush through QVC but the price is somewhere around $70+. I got a smaller size for dirt cheap on Ebay. Totally worth it!

Product Performance:
It can work as a foundation or a "powder". If you have tons and tons of flaws, first of all I'm sorry and second of all, you may want to use this over your full-coverage foundation. I use it over my foundation or concealer.

It gives you a true glow. Halo is the perfect way to describe this powder because it gives the most perfect angelic glow. Its finish is unlike any powder, mineral powder, or foundation I've used. Its the reason why I love the product so much. 

You can touch up throughout the day without it looking caked on.

You can use it to set your makeup. If you love your foundation but its too matte or you wish the finish was a bit more dewy, slap this Halo stuff on and you're good to go. 

A little goes a long way.

Its travel friendly, provides a satisfying "click" when you close the product that lets you know it is closed and won't open and spill all up in your nice handbag.

Why You May Not Like It:

If you have super oily skin, you may not need a hydrating powder. 

And you may not like it if you're broke. Like I said, its pricey. I wish you could buy it without the Kabuki and knock that price down.

Final Thoughts: I had to purchase this in medium because there was no other option on Ebay for the size I wanted. I am more like a Light-Medium or Light but I thought, what the heck. The medium is certainly more of a yellow, golden medium and not pink or neutral. I plan to purchase the light and mix the two. 


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  2. I initially got a smaller version of this with the brush to try. I honestly don't find this gives me a glow. I've ended up using it as a lighter shade bronzer. Is it a bad product? No. But I personally wouldn't rate it as spectacular, by any means. I've got far better quality products made by indie cosmetics companies that are a mere fraction of the obscene price of this one. I really find that both Smashbox & Benefit have a nasty habit of putting a lot of overpriced, overhyped products on the market that really are underachievers. Much like Urban Decay.... but that's a whole nother topic. I'm just glad I didn't buy the large size of this dud.

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