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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Personal Makeup Thoughts of the Day!

This is a long overdue post. First of all, I have so many products to review for you like my new LORAC Baked Matte Satin Blush in Velvet Rope (drop-dead amazing), Anastasia brow kit, some good drugstore stuff, Nutra-Nail (amazing at-home gel nail system, very long lasting chip proof results for $11), and a bevy of Sephora purchases mostly for Christmas presents unfortunately. I will tell you that it takes an act of God in situations where a Sephora package arrives into my hands that includes gifts for other people that I don't hijack and claim as my own. It's takes tremendous willpower. But those people on my list this year are lucky ladies because I got them (me?) some good stuff!

Next subject. Went to ULTA today because I have a $9 off coupon as well as a $3.50 off coupon to be used on non-prestige items (which means non-good brands). I was in much need of a brow pencil so I thought I'd take a look at a few that got some good reviews. Normally I like the Dior Brow Universal but its nearly $30. I looked at Benefit (too waxy), Too Faced Brownies (pencil form, I prefer automatic, and Anastasia who is the self-proclaimed Queen of Brows. Since Anastasia had  a set where I could get tweezers, brow gel and a brow pencils for a few dollars more than just the brow pencil, I went for it. AND, BONUS, I got a free gift with purchase that included none other than the same dang tweezers I just bought in the kit. Oh well. That always happens to me. Once I bought a couple of OPI polishes, an OPI top coat and OPI base coat. I get to the register and guess what the free gift is? And OPI base coat that doubles as a top coat. Had I known that, I would have dumped the two I had and picked up more pretty colors instead. Drag. 

So this thing always happens to me when I go to the mall, Sephora, or ULTA. I lose all track of the goings on of the outside world. I can only compare it to what people say about Las Vegas when you don't know day from night or noon from midnight because you are just in a dellusional trance that has nothing to do with reality. It happened to me today at ULTA. Prior to ULTA I told myself, you have to hurry up because you have two ginormous papers to write. All of this went out the window when I found myself in an alternate beauty universe where time, school work, and mom duties do not exist. Luckily I snapped back to reality as the store became crowded and the check-out girls voice was filling my ears with a level of annoyance that was unbearable. You know the kind of girl that draws out certain sound in the word she is saying? "I was gonna wear thaaaaaaat buuuuuut liiiiiiiiiike it didn't look good on meeeeeeee." You know what else doesn't look good on you? Talking like a dumb-ass. 

Prior to that interaction, I overheard a makeup artist telling a customer to put back whatever gold eyeshadow she just picked up because, and I quote, "gold tends to make people with blue eyes look tired." While I was over looking at the Bare Escentuals stuff, I muttered under my breath, "that isn't true." And it freaking isn't. I have blue eyes, I know that gold makes blue eyes sparkle. Duh, lady! Someone needs to get re-trained because I am pretty sure she is getting her lessons from a point in time prior to figuring out how to properly use color to maximize your eyes potential. Plus she smelled like a day old party. Like cigarettes and vodka seeping out of her pores. Unacceptable in a customer service profession. 

And there you have it. My personal thoughts for the day. Join me next time as I further pick people apart and talk about makeup at the same time. 

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  1. Haha! I love these posts! I had a girl tell me once that I shouldn't wear plum with my green eyes because it would bring out my dark circles...yea. In any case, if you are looking for a nice eyebrow pencil that is a bit more affordable, I LOVE The Body Shop eye brow pencils.

  2. Lol, you should have told that lady that gold makes blue eyes look awesome!