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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Current Favorite Lipstick! New Series..

So since my favorite cosmetic item is lipstick, I am going to be posting a new series where I feature my current favorite lipstick or the lipstick I've been wearing the most often. Lately, my favorite lipstick has been MAC Myth, a very pale fleshy nude with a pink undertone. Not a color for everyone but it could be wearable for most if warmed up a bit with a gloss, or lip liner base.

How I Like to wear MAC Myth:

First, I moisturize my lips but not too greasily, line lips with MAC Stone (a grey/plum/taupe) for definition and to make my lips look bigger. Then I like to take a pink liner of some sort and go over the Mac Stone, making sure the MAC Stone is all blended with no harsh lines, and fill in my lips. This makes the MAC Myth look less "concealer" like. Then I go over the liner with Myth. I don't use a gloss over top but occasionally I will take Too Faced Centerfold and lightly put a layer over the Myth if I want to warm it up. Other ways to warm up Myth is by taking a warm/peachy gloss over it. It's not such a scary shade, I promise. 

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Myth is most comparable to MAC Creme d' Nude, MAC Fleshpot (Myth is slightly pinkier while Fleshpot has a fleshier tone), Gosh Lipstick in Darling, MAC Playing Koi. If you like any of these lipsticks, then you probably already own Myth, its pretty much a classic staple nude.


  1. I think nude lipsticks are so more difficult to wear than reds. It is nearly impossible for me to find the right shade. I have two in my collection - one looks fab and the other awful.

  2. Supergorgeous. The title of your blog made me laugh so hard :)

  3. @pandora's box, thanks for reading! Glad you like the title!