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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

YouTube Makeup Guru Alert! Check Her Out!

I am an avid watcher of YouTube makeup gurus! I love watching haul videos and getting product recommendations and I am an absolute sucker because I am easily persuaded into buying products that some of my favorite girls recommend. A couple of the girls I watch said that they have just started to watch this "samanthaschuerman" and that she was absolutely delightful. And she is! She is very funny, quirky, bubbly, and obviously not afraid to be herself. She is someone who us gals with kids can relate to but she is also someone that I think a lot of women would enjoy watching. I think many of you will enjoy her because she is the kind of girl that talks about a lot of affordable and easily accessible products and she is brutally honest about her likes and dislikes. I have recently subscribed to her but have watched a ridiculous amount of her videos already. I thought I would pass the information along just in case you are in need of a little pick me up one day because Sam is truly a ray of sunshine. She also makes family videos with her and her husband and baby boy that are very funny and so relateable. One thing I like about her family vlogs is that many of our lives are so crazy busy, stressful, and in my family, we are just plain serious all of the time. Watching her family interact with one another just being silly and happy is a good reminder to take time out and just enjoy the moment that you are in because at the risk of sounding too cliche, time flies and life is short. Stop and smell the roses! And OMG, she does these weekly favorites videos which was the first video of hers that I watched and she was talking about her obsession with these Mary Kay skincare products, Age Rewind cleanser and moisturizer. She was so convincing that she had me buying them off of Ebay before her video was even over. Well, SHE didn't have me buy them but her passion for the products was infectious. What can I say, I caved. I'm weak. Weak. Weak. Weak.

Samanthaschuerman on YouTube Link:

And her recent favorites video if you're too lazy to seek her out on YT all on your own:

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