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Friday, July 8, 2011

Ulta Haul: Mostly Nail Products + Some New Shoes For Good Measure! Mini-Reviews + PICS included!

So I decided that since I wasn't totally obsessed with Tarte Lights Camera Lashes (although I really did like it, I found that it didn't hold the curl all day), I was going to return it along with the Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit (nice product, great staying power, not the shade I really wanted). So of course I didn't just get a refund, I made an exchange. Plus I spent a little extra. Have you ever gone into Ulta or Sephora and simply taken the refund and walked out without any new products to exchange the returns for? Well, I haven't. 

I picked up OPI Mermaid Tears

from the Pirates of the Carribbean collection, which they were out of the last time I was there. Such a pretty shade! If you like Essie Turquoise and Cacos, China Glaze For Audrey, etc, you will like Mermaid Tears. Its similar but more green and less blue than the two aforementioned shades. 

 Butter London nail polish in Yummy Mummy 
What gets me is that you are not only paying $14 as opposed to an OPI price of $8.50, but you get LESS product in a Butter London polish. That's double the rip off! $14 is a lot of pressure to put on a product's performance. That's like saying you can perform twice as good as OPI. Yummy Mummy is a nice taupe- grey like shade with a very very subtle sheen to it that looks nice and makes it a tad more special if you are looking for something non-matte. If you like OPI You Don't Know Jacques, you will like Yummy Mummy. It isn't identical but if you like taupe, you like taupe. It applied pretty nice and fairly creamy, not as streaky as an Essie polish but was almost a too creamy, I had to smooth it out with the brush or else it would have taken forever + a day to dry. The brush is similar to an Essie brush, not thick and perfect like an OPI brush. I think the brush is too skinny for the thickness of the formula.  I just applied it yesterday and so far so good but we'll see how the lasting power measures up. I have an OPI base coat + OPI top coat over it so that is basically like having two bodyguards.

Butter London $14, in shade: Yummy Mummy @ Ulta
OPI Top Coat+Base Coat+Nail Hardener in One: 
This was $12.50 and I like the idea of not having to purchase a separate base coat and top coat so I went for it. I ran out of my top coat so this serves that purpose plus I've been wanting to try a base coat to make sure my nails don't get stained from darker polishes. I like it. It makes my nails shiny and I feel my nails are well protected. Thank you, OPI, for your consistent quality.

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go: 
This product is an Allure Beauty Editor's pick. Around $7, this is a cuticle oil full of good ingredients like Vitamin E, Sunflower Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, and lots more oils.  Would you believe that the Butter London cuticle melt-away is $20?! Basically the Avoplex is simply a moisturizer for your nail area and cuticles, the Avoplex is not used to remove cuticles. What I like about it is that it has a brush and you squeeze the tube to release the oil and then apply it with the brush. I like this application method because you don't need to pour oil into your hands and risk using too much. Overall, a good product but I don't know that it will provide any noticeable results that I couldn't get from my Vitamin E oil that cost much less while providing much more product. But this is a great throw in your purse product for sure!


This is wear I was disappointed. Not because I got a free gift with purchase but because it was, at least at my store, an OPI Base Coat. Grrr. I just spent over $12 on a 3-in-1 product that serves as a base coat when I could have spent $8.50 on a top coat alone and saved $4.  Had I known. Oh well, it was free right? I used it as my base coat before the Butter London and then sealed it with the OPI 3-in-1.

EyLure False Lashes: 
These were Buy 1, Get 1 50% off! They were around $5-$6 to start with and came in a variety of styles. Eylure is said to be the #1 false lash brand in the UK, so I picked up two pairs. I thought I was picking up 2 pairs of the self-adhesive lashes, which I prefer because I always mess up with the lash glue. But instead, I got one of the self-adhesive and one that needs the lash glue. I will live. These are nice, fairly easy to apply but too long for the length required to fit my eye. I had to cut a bit off the end but after that was done, I was happy with the results. I rank them just as good as the Revlon self-adhesive and CHEAPER!

Finally, a non-cosmetic item, SHOES! Cheap ones at that!

 I went to Ross because I heard they had put out some new sandals and things like that. I've had decent luck in the past finding good cheap shoes, under $30. Such as some really cute BCBG nude strappy wedge sandals that I wear to death. I tried on a few pairs and then caught some Nine West heels out of the corner of my eye. Mine. They have around a 1 inch platform for comfort, 4 inch or so heel, a beautiful shade that isn't white but not quite taupe, I want to say its "bone" because I've seen it referred to as such. They have a good sized gold buckle on the left side which I love because it really adds to the shoe. Best of all, I wore them for 4 hours yesterday and my feet didn't kill me! Yay for heels with a platform, they are total lifesavers. Seriously I don't know how I lived pre-platform heel days. The second best thing of all, the price tag, $26.99. 
Nine West heels @ Ross for $26.99


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