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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a Reminder! Check Out My Updated Blog Sale + Make Sure You Enter My July Contest! + Some Haul Info

Hello Ladies!
Just a quick (at least for me) little note to let you know that I've updated my Blog Sale to include some new goodies, like the notorious Cle De Peau concealer in Beige (which is what a light but not porcelain girl would use) and some BNIB MAC Surf Baby stuff. The link is in the sidebar. There is a $10 minimum purchase. 

And there is still time to enter the July MAC Semi-Precious contest. The link is also in the sidebar. There are three fabulous prizes from the Semi-Precious collection valued at over $70! It's as easy as pie to enter, so get to it before July 31st at 11:59PM EST.
Finally, while I've still got the floor, I've picked up a few makeup goodies this past week including that new L'Oreal Le Gloss lipgloss in Baby Blossom, the new stuff that uses Jennifer Lopez in their ads, a Revlon eyeshadow crease brush (yes, Revlon makes makeup brushes), as well as Tan Towels! I know you've seen them around haven't you? The self-tanning wet wipes? Plenty of reviews to follow! 
Let me just tell you though, if you want a really easy, multi-tasking eyeshadow brush, that little $5 Revlon crease brush is a keeper! Its got a short handle, easy to use, dense enough to use as a flat shadow brush for the lid and brow bone but yet fluffy enough for the crease area. I hate when girls say "crease work". "It's really just perfect for crease work!". When you put it that way, it sounds like the task of eye makeup application is much more important than it really is. Seriously, gag me. But its a really great, handy-dandy, little brush! And a perfect brush to take in your purse or on trips instead of packing three or four different brushes. OK, I will sit down now. Thanks so much for reading, and please, sign up to follow me! I will gladly and enthusiastically return the favor if you have a blog as well. Just let me know you've signed up and mention your blog in this post~!

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