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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Nail Talk: Sally Hansen Crackle + Super Cute Punk Nail Tutorial!

Sally Hansen Crackle: 
I'm a little late on the nail crackle wagon because I go through major separation anxiety when I depart from my nude nail look. However, while watching Friday Night Beauty on QVC, I became inspired to try the look when I saw Sephora by OPI crackle polishes. Being that I wanted instant gratification, I picked up the Sally Hansen brand in the black crackle. I immediately tried it when I got home. What a change from the nude nail, let me tell ya. Black crackle polish is to nude polish, what a graffiti covered wall is to a plain white wall. I do like the look but I'd like to try the OPI brand because the SH is kind of hard to apply. It works best if you apply a thick layer but it is difficult to get it right the first time and not miss a spot,because if you have to go back over the nail, its a mess. And I don't even know if you are supposed to use a top coat or if that deviates from the coolness factor, but it pretty much chipped immediately.
Nail art and texture is super hot right now in the beauty world but I just can't get down with the texture thing. I am partial to neutral, shiny, smooth, neat and short nails. I'm not cool enough for full-on crackle. I fancy myself on mixing genres in my fashion lifestyle and I do believe doing a crackle accent nail among the majority being a solid color is more in my comfort zone. I am certainly willing to try the silver and the white crackle polish and plan to do so soon.

These aren't my nails, but this picture gives me great ideas, like I should have purchased the PINK Crackle! Look how cool it looks over the blue and yellow!~ Photo Credit

These are not my nails, I couldn't find the actual owner of these nails to give photo credit!! Umm, how amazing do these perfect nails look in this perfect polish?! Catrice is sold overseas somewhere I do know that, please come to the US, Catrice!
Punk Cheetah Nail Tutorial by Sophy Robson: 

A similar style to the tutorial, photo credit:
I thought I'd include a super cute nail tutorial taken from the Sephora YouTube channel and performed by Sophy Robson, a famous UK nail artist. You will need a black nail polish or nail pen, a bright pink polish, a light pink polish, or feel free to use whatever you'd like to achieve the same look. 

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  1. heyy there! So i decided to put up a facebook page again. lol it doesn't have to count towards my entry for the contest but ill still let people know on there. hopefully you can check it out :)

  2. Awesome photos, I love the pink crackle polish :D looks great over the yellow and the white ^^

  3. I know this comment is late to this blog post buuut...

    I'm an American living in Europe and just discovered Catrice products so I've been looking up some reviews and whatnot. Love that nail polish! It looks amazing! Catrice is really a fantastic brand. I just bought a couple of their shadows - super pigmented and gorgeous!