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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Crest Professional Effects 3D White Strips Review: Wowza! Holy White Teeth!

I've been a fan of over the counter teeth whitening devices for a couple of years now. Why? Because they work! I've used the "dentist strength" whitening strips that you can only purchase from a doctor for around $10 more than what the most costly of the Crest strips sell for. I couldn't tell a major difference between the professional strength product and the the Crest Pro Effects 3D White Strips. I can, however, tell a difference between the one I'm reviewing and ones I used to use which are the Crest Advanced Vivid White Strips.The Advanced Vivid are a notch below the Pro-Effects as far as the order of strongest Crest whitening strips. Both products work exceptionally well in a short period of time but with the Pro Effects, the results are kicked up a couple of notches. And kicked up about $10 more in price of course. You didn't think you'd get a better product for the same price right? 

The Crest Pro-Effects strips are the most effective over the counter whitening strips sold by Crest. They are similar to the Advanced Vivid in most every single way but three. 1. The PE have an improved lower strip for more coverage and 2. provide the highest level of whitening from Crest at retail and 3. the price differs by about $10. I do believe both products contain 10% Hydrogen Peroxide which is very high for over the counter whitening. 

The Pro's for the Pro Effects:

Big time concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide, at 10%. The dentist strength product I have tried was only higher by 2%.

The advanced seal technology make the strips very easy to wear because they really grip on to your teeth. The bottom row does slip a little bit but that could be a user error. 

Noticeable results FAST! I can notice how much whiter and brighter my teeth look after only one use. My teeth really take well to whitening strips so I am not sure if this is just me or what. 

You can still drink while wearing the strips. I don't know about you but I can go hours without drinking anything but the minute you tell me I cant drink for 30 minutes, I'm suddenly thirsty and can't bear the thought. 

The Cons of the Pro-Effects:

Price is a major con! I can always find coupons that help a little bit though, that usually take $7 off. I have seen them in my drugstores for $50+ but they are much cheaper to buy online. And even from Ebay. I mean, they are sealed in packets so its easier to trust a seller to buy from. 

Not ideal for those with sensitive teeth and those whose enamel wears away easily. Although they say "enamel safe" I do believe this is a highly subjective subject and varies by the individual. I have sensitive teeth right underneath my gums where my front teeth are and therefor I place the whitening strips below this area. 

Toward the end of the 30 minutes, you can kind of see the peroxide getting gummy and smearing everywhere under the strip. This is normal but not sure how good it is for your gums to be bathed in HP. But that doesn't seem to factor into my decision to keep using them. No pain, no gain! And white teeth are a must at all times.

A Natural Way to a Whiter and Brighter Smile? LEMONS! 
I met a girl at Sephora once, and her teeth were amazing and perfectly white. She said she didn't use any special products but she attributed her white smile to the fact that she puts lemons in everything. This can be a double-edged sword however because applying a lemon directly to your teeth can wear away your enamel. Putting lemons in your drinks, however, is the smart way to go!

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  1. How much is the product cost? and how does it works? Can you write me briefly about this pleaes...
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    Carlos Saunders
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  2. Well, there are two strips one for bottom and one for top row of teeth and they resemble a clear tape but they have the bleaching solution built into the strip. You put them on your teeth like a sticker and wait 30 mins and take them off. Price varies by store and location. I've seen them around $53 for the Pro Effects that I'm talking about but seen them online for in the $40's. Thank you for asking!

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