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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Drugstore Trash and Treasures, a dupe for Bare Escentuals Flawless Def Mascara?

Picked up two things from the DS over the last couple of days. I usually would never opt to buy a mascara from NYC. I like some of their products but a mascara is just something I'm not interested in purchasing from that brand. But my little girl talked me into it and I don't understand why she had such a soft spot for it and I also don't know why I was so easily persuaded. I guess when it involves makeup, you never have to twist my arm.

NYC High Definition Volumizing Mascara: Surprisingly.... good? It reminds me so much of Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition in the way that it separates each lash so well and gives decent length. Flawless Def is one of those safe and easy daytime wear mascaras that you use when you are in a rush and don't have time for clumps and clean-ups. Doesn't do much in the way of volume but an excellent lash separater. Same with the NYC. It goes on a tad wet so I would wait a minute before you do the next coat. Being that I use about 10 coats of mascara, it started to get a bit clumpy after coat 10. You think I'm exaggerating don't you? I'm not. I noticed with each coat that it started to give more volume but with this was the potential risk of clumpage. With that being said, enter that realm at your own risk. Its a very buildable mascara because it doesn't dry quickly like the BE Flawless Def. It doesn't leave your lashes as crispy as BE does when you try to build on your coats after the grace period is up. Overall, for $3.99, its a keeper! Kudos N.Y.C., a score for the little guy!

Revlon Matte Lipstick Nude Attitude: I made the mistake of purchasing this for the second time. I guess I forgot how much I hated it back in 08' when I first bought it. Or maybe it was 09'? The year doesn't really matter except to say that it either sucked for the last two years or it sucked for the last three years. In any event, its not the shade that I hate. I can't hate a nude shade, its against everything I believe in to do so. But the application and the wear is extremely awful to put it mildly. It is so unflattering in the way that it goes on kind of thin but yet cakes up in certain parts of your lips. It magnifies the imperfections like dryness and it wears off in some places and not in others. If you apply more than one coat, the previous coat gets dragged around and you end up with an uneven color distribution and an ugly mess. I despise the way this lipstick goes on! It doesn't go on like a typical matte which is thick and opaque and kind of drying but at least it stays put. NOT AT ALL. It gathers in unwanted places and looks chalky, uneven, un-smooth, and messy. Are all Revlon matte's this bad? This formula needs to be thicker and have more substance to it. It doesn't behave like a matte should, that is for sure. Its more like matte's unruly, behaviorally challenged, and disappointing younger brother. Yuck yuck and more yuck. Thank God for the other Revlon lipstick lines that blow this particular one out of the water. If I were Colorburst I wouldn't even associate myself with Nude Attitude. Feels good to get that off my chest. If anyone wants it, send me a SASE and its yours.

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