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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lipstick Disappointment: The NYX Round Ones

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I think I am in the minority here because I've heard some rave reviews for the NYX round lipsticks, found at Ulta for around $5.99, and yet I don't really like them. At first I thought it was just the color that I tried that wasn't working for me. I purchased Strawberry Milk some time ago and while I love the shade, I thought the lipstick formula really magnified the dry parts of my lip. But, seeing as how the lipstick only lasted about 2 minutes, those dry patches were not magnified for very long!  

I had forgotten what I didn't like about the round lippies so I picked up another one recently, this time in Pumpkin Pie. Again, another shade that I really like but the shades are not the problem. Same slippery consistency with the lasting power of butter. Even cheap lipsticks have better formulas than the NYX Round do, for example, any of the Wet N' Wild or N.Y.C. lipsticks have far better texture and wearability. The texture of the NYX lipstick is very very similar to that of the Hard Candy (wal mart) lipsticks if you are familiar.

Lipsticks are my favorite makeup product ever and I would be severely unhappy without them. And with brands like Hourglass, MAC, and and even Revlon Colorburst, I can't be bothered with lipsticks that don't wear well on me or for very long. So what DO I look for in a lipstick and how does NYX measure up against my checklist?

My Lipstick Checklist:

-Creamy and semi-thick consitency
-Semi-long wearing, (I don't usually prefer the long wear because a lot of times they are gross on the lips after a while)
-Yummy scent, like MAC or Hourglass
-Beautiful nude shade selection
-Hides lip imperfections rather than put them on blast
-Nice, secure, packaging that you don't worry about when its in your purse

NYX Lipstick VS. MY Lipstick Checklist

-Slightly creamy but too slippery, seems to sit on the top of the lips rather then drench them in moisture
-Very short lifespan on the lips, blink and you might miss it
-No scent
-Nice shade selection, "Pumpkin Pie" is a great nude
-Secure enough packaging

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