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Sunday, July 17, 2011

N.Y.C. High Definition Volumizing Mascara: So Awesome it Gets a Second Post!

You have to try this mascara. I will preface that statement by saying that I do find that ones views of a certain mascara can be very subjective. Its kind of like recommending a skin care item, we all have different lashes of all densities and lengths and therefor a mascara can react differently according to what we expect or need from it. With that said, I think most anyone will like this N.Y.C. High Definition Volumizing Mascara. Below is a more in depth review that I wrote for it on Makeupalley so I don't have to type it again. As I was searching for more information about it, I found that other bloggers are impressed with this product as well. But you can dig for that information yourself. This review o' mine sums it up. And its $4.99. The one in the orange tube. Let me know what you think when you try it, leave me a comment. This review is for the non-waterproof formula, which has a black brush. I can't attest to the amazingness of the waterproof formula, yet.

My Review for N.Y.C. High Definition Volumizing Mascara:

I NEVER would've tried this mascara but I let my daughter pick a mascara for herself at the drugstore and she chose this one. Ugh, that one is gonna be crap, I thought. What a waste of $5! Its probably gonna make my eyes water and turn them bloodshot. Come on girl, pick another one, any other one!! Boy, I was 100% WRONG in my makeup snobbery and negativity. Because it ended up being totally amazing. It separates like nobodies business and adds volume at the same time. Not an easy task! Usually volume can = clumping. The brush is composed of row upon row of a billion little bristles (but I didn't actually count them) which really get in there to separate and define. It mimics the separation quality of the Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition mascara in the way that it really defines, but its much better because it does so much more. Its hard to find volumizing and lengthening as well as amazing definition all in one mascara. ESPECIALLY a volumizing mascara that separates as well as this one. N.Y.C. has proved to me that it can be done. 
I am sorry I didn't have high hopes for this little gem because it truly blew me away and became one of my fave new products. Its around $4.99. I picked up the non-waterproof because I didn't want to have to work hard to get it off of my daughter's eyes. That being said, it doesn't dry near as quickly as a waterproof formula, so you can build and build on the coats. Keep in mind that since the formula is pretty wet, be careful not to build too much. I would wait about 30 seconds in between coats. Because of the wetness, applying too much of it back to back with no wait time can lead to weighing down and clumping up the lashes which will then make it hard to hold the curl. You will find that 2 coats will probably do the trick! I've always been pleased with N.Y.C. blushes and bronzers but never would have thought their mascara would be so good. Its kind of like Wet and Wild, I love their eyeshadows and eyeliners but I'd never try a mascara. Why is that? Oh well, anyway,  I just returned Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes! because the N.Y.C. mascara blows it away and leaves it eating its mascara particle dust.  While I love DS makeup, I'm just not a DS mascara kind of girl. I guess, now I am! Looking forward to trying other mascara formulas from this brand. 

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