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Friday, July 15, 2011

Tarte Maracuja Oil Concealer: The Mysterious Concealer that No One Can Find!

The Tarte "Glow Your Way to Gorgeous" Kit featuring the creaseless concealer
I have some fantastic concealers (Hourglass, Clea de Peau, Laura Mercier) but they just don't last as a spot cover-up for acne, scars, etc. Even with a powder to set it with! Its very frustrating. I was watching QVC one night during their Friday Night Beauty weekly show when a certain Tarte kit (Glow Your Way to Gorgeous) was being presented. In the kit, along with other popular Tarte goodies, was this concealer that is infused with Maracuja oil. It is said to be a creaseless concealer with all-day kind of staying power. The Maracuja Oil is another natural Tarte ingredient that is new and raved over and is also sold by itself as a moisturizer. The oil gives the concealer this beautiful luminous and brightening effect which looked gorgeous on the model they tested it on. But what was really impressive was the coverage. The model exhibited some serious red cheeks that looked like Rosacia which were instantly fully covered with a couple of dots of the magical Tarte concealer. If I hadn't seen it right before my eyes, I probably would have chalked this product up to another empty promise and unfulfilled claims. But it actually did an amazing job.  The concealer is liquid and comes in a plastic tube which I find a little bit tricky to use for covering small spots. But since my stick concealers aren't doing their job in the area of staying power, I figure why not. So I went to the reviews on MUA, and each of the maybe five reviews just raved over how amazing and wonderful this concealer is. Why aren't there more reviews on this stuff? Well, Tarte isn't exactly making it easy to buy! You see, its only available in a kit put together by QVC which includes their Lights, Camera, Lashes! Mascara, an Amazonian Clay blush, gorgeous cream shadow, and more. The kit runs for somewhere in the $55 dollar range plus shipping of course. Its a fantastic deal for what you get but I only wanted the concealer! Once again I turned to Ebay to help a girl out. Turns out a lot of people are selling this concealer that they received in the kit. I ordered it for around $22 and I can't wait to get it! I will report back when I do. 

Received concealer and have used it recently under my eyes but not long enough to tell you if it is creaseless or if the longevity matches the claims, just long enough to show you what it looks like swatched compared to other brands I own. One thing I will say is that it is awesome coverage, its thick and rich but easy to blend, and it blends very easily and smoothly under the eyes. The Maracuja Oil helps to make this possible as well as contributing a luminousity which provides a beautiful brightening effect under the eyes. I think this that the picture I took has captured the sheen nicely. Performance update to follow!
Pardon my bracelet! From L to R: Tarte Maracuja Concealer in Light, Clea de Peau in Beige, Hourglass in Pearl, and Revlon Photo Ready in Light. The shades are all similar and in the "light" family. You can see that the Tarte concealer almost has a luminous finish.

Adding a second photo to show you more of a matte appearance by turning my arm another direction. While the Tarte product can pick up the light and have more of a glow, it also can look like a flat concealer as well.


  1. I just received mine from QVC a few days ago... and I am in love! The reason why lots of people are selling the concealer is probably because they run really light. I had to bump myself from a light to a medium, and that barely makes the cut w/ a nice match for color. The consistency, however is a DREAM! I've never had a concealer work so beautifully!

  2. I am so excited to try the concealer! So glad you love it. I did buy the light mostly for under eye concealing so I don't mind that it runs on the light side but as a spot treatment I'm sure I'd need a medium! Will let ya know!

  3. Hmm. How is this concealer became a mysterious one? Well, since I have not tried it yet. Probably I'll try looking for it this weekend and try it on my own. Thanks.

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