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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Get Volume Out of Your Mascara but Without the Clumping!

There seems to be about a bazillion mascaras out there, each making promises to give us whatever it is we desire from our eyelashes, whether it be to increase our lash length 400% or my personal favorite... that it will find lashes that we never even knew existed. In any event, it is a dauting task to find everything that we want all in one tube of mascara! Either it lengthens but it doesn't volumize, it volumizes but it doesn't separate, it separates but it doesn't volumize, etc. We all have our own preferences based on our own individual characteristics of our lashes but in the end. I think that we all want the same thing.. long, thick, and defined lashes. You know, kind of like that girl down below. But without having to apply one inch long false lashes. 

But do you ever notice that volumizing mascaras can often be clumpy? In their attempt to fatten your lashes, volumizing mascaras often disperse a bit too much of the product because well, that extra product around your lashes is what gives them the appearance of more volume. That's all well and good but when your lashes look clumpy, they do not look separated or defined.

How to avoid clumping but still keep the volume:

1. First, apply a coat of a mascara that's job is to separate your lashes so that you are able to take full advantage of every single lash lash (suggestions below). Defining mascaras usually provide good length as well. One thing they don't do the best is create more volume. That's where mascara #2 comes in.

2. After you have a coat or two of a good separating and defining mascara, go over the outer 1/3 of your lashes with a volumizing mascara. In doing so, you keep the definition that you created with mascara #1 but you also get to thicken up those lashes without clumping them together and making them look spiky and less defined. Some people prefer to just over the tips of the lashes with the volumizing mascara and some prefer coating the entire lash, its all trial and error folks.

Mascaras That Will Accomplish This:

For separating and defining, try...

L'Oreal Clean Definition Telescopic, this is a great mascara that finds every lash, lengthens, and defines for perfectly separated long lashes.

Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition, This mascara is very similar to the L'Oreal in that its brush has a ton of spiky little bristels to get in between your lashes to separate them.

To Get More Volume, try.....

L'Oreal Voluminous: You really can't go wrong with this classic mascara staple that is adored by stars like Gwen Stefani. In fact, L'Oreal has had the drugstore mascara market on lock down for quite some time now.

YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils: This is a great mascara but you have to be careful with this one, it is very very wet but perfect for applying to the ends of the lashes without making a mess. A little tip, when it is brand new just blot it with a paper towel before applying. Especially if you want to use it by itself as your only mascara.
To Get Volume & Separation All-In-One, try....

MAC Haute & Naughty: This product is like two mascaras all in one that comes equipped with two different wands, one on each end, one that separates and lengthens (Haute) and one that volumizes (Naughty). The idea is to use either or depending on your mood but you can also use the "Haute" side first then go back over it with the "Naughty" side to create a look that is the best of both worlds which is what we've been trying to achieve all along.  

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  1. Nice tip! I'll try this.