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Saturday, July 28, 2012

My Favorite Multi-Purpose Eyeshadow & the Usual Overload of Unnecessary Information

If you have the original Naked palette by Urban Decay, then you already have my favorite, can't life without, eyeshadow that I use every single day of my life. The shade is called Virgin which is described by Urban Decay as a cool beige satin (I think it teeters in between ivory and a very light beige). The texture is creamy and perfect (both the new and old formula) and gives off the most gorgeous and glowy goodness without being over the top.  This particular shade didn't appear too terribly unique upon first glance but I found myself using it more and more until I had done something I RARELY do... I hit pan. I never hit pan. But I have now hit it big time. I just have so many eyeshadows to rotate that I rarely use one or like one so much that I have to buy another when it runs out. I would say that a good 75% of my makeup items are one use away from being kicked to the curb and replaced by something else. But not Virgin, oh no, Virgin is a mainstay.

The only thing I don't like about using the Virgin that I have is that I don't like having to lug around the whole Naked palette just to be able to use it, like for traveling and such. The only other shades I really like and use regularly are Naked and Buck from that palette, with the occasional fling with Dark Horse. Perfect timing for me to buy the single pot form of Virgin because of the whole reformulation thing. The Virgin that I've been using is the old formula so the idea of buying a supposedly improved version of the shadow I love so much, well, that's just one of life's little perks. They may not come that often, so embrace them when they do. 

I headed out to ULTA today with the intent of picking up a Studio Gear lipstick in the shade "Divine" which I have heard very good things about but was told that the newer ULTA stores do not carry Studio Gear. Apparently, Studio Gear isn't hip enough to be sold along side the likes of Too Faced and Urban Decay. Poor Studio Gear. So I did what any good makeup junkie does when a situation presents itself where I can save money and walk away empty handed..... I looked for something else to buy. Hence, Urban Decay Virgin single eyeshadow. Below the pictures, I've listed the ways I use this shadow. And finally, my take on whether the new formula is better than the original UD shadow formula.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Virgin. Photo credit (me!)

Urban Decay Virgin Eyeshadow (no flash!) Photo credit

Urban Decay Virgin (with flash!)

How I use Virgin by Urban Decay:

*Brow bone highlight 
It is perfect for this area because it isn't overly shiny or glowy but still gives a little somethin somethin to brighten up the eye. 

*Inner corner highlight. 
Again, the perfect finish for brightening up the eyes, waking them up (or at least making it look like you are), and adding a little something special to basic eye looks, dramatic eye looks, or no eye looks. Running short on time? Throw a little Virgin in the inner corners and under the brow bone, put on some black winged liner and mascara and you go from blah to BAM! 

*Face highlighter. And you could use this shade as a cheek bone highlight which I have yet to do but when swatching the shade on my hand, I noticed that it would actually be quite perfect for that area. The sky is the limit with Virgin ladies, the sky is the limit. 

*As an all over color. 
I take a dense blending brush like the one from Sigma that is similar to MAC 217, can't think of the name, and I apply it from the lash line to under the brows. The goal is to use other shadows as well but still have Virgin peeking out here and there. I may just apply something like a basic neutral brown (Naked by Urban Decay most often) in the crease area and on the outer portion of my lid and then blend it into the Virgin. This look is simple but pulled together which make it great for an office look, a school look, or a "just running errands but if I see someone I know, I don't want to look like a hot mess" kind of look.  

P.S. Doesn't it always figure that when we run into people that we would never want to look bad in front of, that's the day we opt for no makeup and unwashed hair? You know, like someone that dumped you or a girl that was mean to you in high school? Or even worse, the girl that was mean to you in high school that your boyfriend dumped you for?! The worst part of a situation like this is that you know the chance you will run into that person again when you are looking good is pretty much no chance. Don't let those things happen, be prepared at all times.

New Urban Decay Eyeshadow Formula Better Than the Original?

I would say that the answer will vary depending on the eyeshadow. A few and I do mean just a few of the newer formulated shadows are a bit chalky. Ahem, "Walk of Shame" that the empty palettes come with. But overall, the new shadow formula feels smoother and creamier with the same excellent pigmentation as the originals. I only have two of the new singles but I really love the feel of the new formula. In any event, you can't go wrong with Urban Decay eyeshadow whether its new or old- its just good. 

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