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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Fuss-Free Way to Do False Eyelashes!

Have you ever gotten so frustrated with applying false eye lashes that you just gave up and accepted the fact that you were just destined to live a falsie-free existence? When lash-glue is required, this is a common occurrence with women who just don't have the patience to keep practicing with them until they get it right. A while back, Revlon came out with false eyelashes with an option for a self-adhesive application. Basically, no glue required because there is a sticky strip along the false lash that works as your adhesive. So much less messy! For one, you don't have to risk putting too much or not enough glue on the back of the lash, no waiting for the glue to become tacky, no visible dried glue on the lashes that makes you look like an amateur, and even better, no globs of glue stuck to your real eyelashes. But doesn't that sticky strip become un-sticky after a while? Good question. The self-adhesive options come with a back-up strip for re-application so you can get more use out of the lashes. I've tried the Revlon and I've tried the Ardell Self-Adhesive lashes and I have to say I'm a fan of both. A friend of mine even prefers the self-adhesive because she feels the black self-adhesive strip enhances the appearance of the false lashes which you don't get if you buy the same exact style of lashes but without the self-adhesive. 

So if I were you, I would go ahead and try them out, especially if you've never tried lashes before but want to or if you HAVE tried regular lashes and gave up because it was too messy or you just couldn't get the hang of it. For a natural but lengthened look, I recommend the Revlon Self-Adhesive in the "Defining" or "Intensifying" style. If you are looking for more of a bombshell look, try the Ardell Self-Adhesive in the 120S. 


  1. I've always been too nervous to try these after hearing that the adhesive isn't that strong.. I suppose I should give it a go though from you've said!

    1. Thanks for reading! I personally think the adhesive is definitely strong enough for two uses before changing to the back-up strip but it really depends because some people have to keep starting over if they mess up which can make it less tacky. I find them to be really easy since you don't have the glue mess in the way of being able to see what you're doing! :)

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