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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Worst Tweezers Ever in the History of Tweezer-dom

There is an Anastasia brow kit that includes three miniature versions of the clear brow gel, highlighting stick, and tweezers. Clear brow gel? Amazing. Highlight Stick? Really good. Tweezers? Painfully awful. Worst. Tweezers. Ever. I forgot how terrible they were until I misplaced by usual non-pain inducing tweezers and had no other choice but to grab the mini tweezers from Anastasia to pluck with. The part of the tweezers used to pluck the hair are like two massively sharp box cutters that have the ability to pierce your skin  when closing in on a hair. If you are lucky enough to grab on to the hair without losing your epidermis, then these tweezers work decently. However, even when I'm careful, I end up plucking more than just my brow hair. This process is terribly time consuming and certainly not the kind of tweezers that you can pluck quickly with one hair after another. You almost have to have a battle plan in place to pluck each individual hair because if you do move with ease, you will likely pinch your skin. Brow plucking, for some, isn't a pleasant activity and for those who are really sensitive to it in the first place, these tweezers only add fuel to the fire. I fancy myself an expert plucker but when I use these tweezers, I feel terribly awkward and amateurish. For those of us that seem to sprout a single dark hair every now and then in areas of the face that are not supposed to have hair, these tweezers may be suitable. For instance, I get this one black hair that sprouts up in the center of my neck for some unearthly reason that I could probably use these tweezers on and go unharmed. But for the purpose of plucking brows, which is the main reason I use tweezers in the first place, these mini tweezers from Anastasia would be better suited for use as a weapon. Ouch!


  1. Oh my!! Thank you for this review! I just found your blog while searching for Korres face primer reviews. So glad I did! Glad to meet a fellow beauty blogger!
    Laura @

    1. You are so welcome and thanks for reading! If you want, go enter my contest to win something from the MAC Heavenly Creatures collection- link in the sidebar!