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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Goody Double wear: Ponytail Holder & Bracelet All-In-One!

Gone is the time when a ponytail holder was just a ponytail holder. We are now living in a world of extreme multitasking, a place where even the most mundane and simplistic of things can take on an alternate function making it slightly less mundane. Enter the new Goody Double Wear Elastic Bracelets which serve as a hair band and arm accessory all in one. Available in a variety of colors in gold or silver finishes, you would hardly know by looking at them on someone's arm that they are but a mere elastic ponytail holder. They retail for around $5.99 USD depending where you go and I actually think they are a really cool product. I mean, people have been wearing hair ties on their wrists for a long time now simply as a means of functionality if they are ever in need of pulling their hair back. So why shouldn't they be kicked up a notch in their appearance so that they take on more of a bracelet look? Exactly, said Goody. I have just one set of these in black with the gold finish. Each finish is slightly different with two being more of a modern brushed gold and the other being the typical shiny gold. Wear one, two, or all three, they make for great layering pieces with other bracelets, watches, etc because they are simple yet classic but unlike other bracelets, will solve your hair woes in a pinch. 

Photo taken by me, the black + gold

Photo taken by me, the black + gold
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  1. At first I was like, really? Is this necessary? But seeing them on your wrist, they are really cute! I just wonder if the metal is too wide for those of us with shorter ponytails.

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