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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Review for L'Oreal Full Definition Mascara, Dupe for Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill?

We are all familiar with the original L'Oreal Voluminous mascara, right? Well, L'Oreal has released another mascara in the Voluminous line called Voluminous Full Definition- which means this time you're supposed to get the volume of the original but with more definition. What could be better? Particulary because I just posted yesterday about this same topic. I was interested in trying this new mascara after hearing good things about it but hearing that it was similar to the popular Georgio Armani Eyes to Kill was all the motivation I needed to give it a try.

Comparison of Full Definition Voluminous & original Voluminious

Length, Volume, Definition
This is a really good mascara. Plain and simple, it does what it claims to do. You get the same great volume as the original Voluminous but this version does a much better job separating and defining the lashes. I mean it should if that's the whole basis of creating this product right? As for lengthening properties, I found Full Definition to be very similar to the original, if not the exact same. But I find that when your lashes are defined, they naturally look longer because it just looks like you have more of them. However, I don't think Full Def went out of its way to lengthen but it doesn't do any better or worse than the original.

Formula, Clumping Factor, & Buildability

One complaint I've heard numerous times about the original formula is that it's too wet. The Full Definition isn't quite as wet as the original and I feel that the brush comes out of the tube without quite as much excess product as the original. Having said that, it is still a wet formula and you will notice some excess product on the tip. I didn't experience any clumping with this mascara but most any new mascara will be a tad messy at first. Just blot it on a paper towel and call it a day. No need to banish it from your life forever, it will dry out as time goes on.

Another check mark in the Full Def category is that this mascara is very buildable, yet it doesn't take forever to dry. I used two coats and was good to go, despite being a three coats kind of girl. All in all, I prefer this one over the original without question. What can I say, I'm selfish, I want volume AND definiton.

Packaging & Wand

Same basic look as the original Voluminous but instead of being grey, its metallic gold with gold lettering. Very sleek! And I don't know if this was done on accident but my wand is slightly bent which doesn't affect performance at all. Same traditional wand as original but there appears to be some finer bristles.

Who May Like This Mascara?

*If you really like the original Voluminous but think its too clumpy or messy.

*If you want to avoid clumping at all costs but still want volume

*If you want volume and definition, duh! Who doesn't?

*If you tend to prefer L'Oreal mascara over all the other drugstore brands.

As for the burning question, is the L'Oreal Full Definition better than the Armani Eyes to Kill? Heck, I don't know, I've never tried that one. But it's still really good.


  1. This is my next mascara purchase, you just clinched it for me! :) I love Voluminous Million Lashes so I'm sure I'll love this. :)

  2. I will keep this one in mind :)

  3. Hi there! I am actually very interested in one thing, of course if I'm not asking too much could you be so kind and please tell us where you grew up?