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Thursday, August 2, 2012

First Impressions of the Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss

When I think of Benefit I think of their boxed blushes, which I have used several of and think are quite good. Benefit is nothing if not creative (with some success and some fails) and so I was happy to see them release coordinating lip gloss shades for their ever so popular, yet bulky, boxed blush shades. These glosses come packaged in a squeeze tube similar to Lancome Juicy Tubes and run $18 each. Never one to dissapoint, the new Ultra Plush gloss comes adorably packaged to match whichever blush go with which is always a big selling point.

The shades available are Dallas, Hoola, Coralista, Dandelion, Bella Bamba, and Sugarbomb. My first impression is that Benefit did a good job matching up the colors to the blush by still keeping in mind that these are lip colors and must be treated as so. So I've tried a few of these shades out and it didn't take me long to form a general opinion. Along with a lot of other little opinions.

What I like About The Ultra-Plush Lip Glosses:

The gorgeous colors! They are all so pretty. My personal favorite and from what I hear, the best seller at my local ULTA, is Sugarbomb, a beautiful shimmery (not glittery) medium pink/nude (swatch below does this color no justice, its much more shimmering). Coralista, which looks like bright coral but goes on sheer, is also a dazzler. I was curious to see what the Hoola gloss would look like given that its coordinating shade is the Hoola bronzer. I was pleasantly surprised to see the gloss translated into more of a golden nude than a matte brown like the bronzer, thank goodness. And just like their matching blushes, Dandelion is a pale pearly pink (nice but nothing special, much like the blush), Dallas is a dusty mauve, and Bella Bamba is a deliciously bright watermelon pink (again, goes on more sheer). 

The concept. I love the idea of having a gloss that is a perfect match for my blush. I mean, that seems like the easiest way to know that you've gotten it right, right?

Surprise surprise, the packaging. Never before has there been cuter packaging for a squeeze tube gloss. Both the tube itself and the cute little box it comes in.

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What I Didn't Like About The Gloss:

SO SLIPPERY! If you don't like sticky glosses, you will totally love these. But if you like staying power, you won't. Which is why I prefer my gloss to be sticky, because sticky stays.  It was hard for me to really get a good application of the gloss on my lips because it slid all around and was actually kind of messy. Kind of like rubbing olive oil on your lips, it slides outside of the lip line and kind of looks greasy. Not that I've done that, but I'm trying to compare consistency. 

The Price. $18 for a squeeze tube gloss seems pricy, especially for one with zero staying power and constant need for reapplication. However, if this weren't an issue, $18 isn't bad for .50 oz. I mean, NARS lip gloss is $24 for .28 oz and it smells bad. Lancome Juicy Tube or Clinique Moisturizing Gloss are similarly priced and also give .50 oz but neither of those have the cutesy packaging or whole matching blush concept thingy- which kind of makes up for it. Sort of. 

Other Observations:

Given the slippery nature, these glosses have no other choice but to be sheer. So if you're looking at Bella Bamba thinking, oh that is way too bright for me, the sheerness makes it very easy to wear.

This next point is something that I didn't really like, its just my preference.. I think that forgetting Hoola and substituting it with something like Hervana would have been better. I know Hoola is top selling and all, but its a bronzer. Although Benefit did do a good job translating that into something wearable for the lips.

You Will Like This Gloss If:

You hate sticky lip gloss. On the flip slide, if you love sticky gloss, you won't love this one.

You like really smooth slippery, almost greasy feeling gloss.

You like bright and fun but sheer colors.

You don't care how the product performs as long as the packaging is cute.

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