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Friday, August 10, 2012

Suave Keratin Infused Dry Shampoo, Same as Bumble & Bumble?

Suave and I go way back, back to my childhood when I used a number of their products. Not by choice of course but I used them nonetheless and I had very nice hair. Suave remains to this day to be that staple inexpensive drugstore brand that many people enjoy and can afford. So how did I enjoy their new Keratin-Infused Dry Shampoo? Well, if you want a lot of details, read on but if you would prefer an abbreviated summary, scroll down to the bottom and read the "in a nutshell" points.

What it is and What it Claims: 

I bought the Suave Keratin-Infusion dry shampoo that states its comparability to the Bumble & Bumble white powder dry shampoo on the actual can. In fact, the Suave product has been proven to refresh as well as the B&B white powder which is highly revered by the dry shampoo using community. Suave's special Keralock Technology contains Keratin and absorbs oil to keep hair clean and manageable in between regular shampoos. Now, I still don't know what Keralock Technology is but I'm going with it.  In addition to these claims, the product is supposed to revive volume and extend your blowout. Maybe that's where the mysterious Keralock comes in to play. This dry shampoo is for all hair types and can be found in most drugstores and grocery stores. 

How it Helps Blondes

I made the mistake of waiting until I needed my roots touched up to make my appointment with my stylist. As luck would have it, she's not available for 2 more weeks which will make 11 weeks since my last root touch-up which is 3 weeks too long. By that point, I may be no longer a blond because my roots will be so bad. So to freshen up my unwashed hair today, I used the Suave Keratin dry shampoo for the first time. I looked in the mirror and something looked different. My blond was brighter and whiter and my roots were like 2 or 3 shades lighter looking. What had just happened?, I asked myself. So I sprayed the product on my arm and it came out as a white powdery substance. I didn't know that this product was actually similar to Bumble & Bumble in the sense that it was a white powder, I just thought that Suave meant that it freshened as well as B & B. So in actuality, the Suave product had coated my hair with a white powder. It sounds worse than it is. It actually looks quite natural and not at all like PETA threw a bag of flour on me (Sorry Kimmy).  But this is too good to be true, I thought. Surely, this look will fade and my hair will go back to looking desperate to get to the salon. It's now been 6 hours since I used this product and my color still looks brighter and whiter (platinum) and my roots are still camouflaged to an acceptable shade of brown. 

Oh and it did clean my hair and increase volume, no word on how it does on extending my blowout.

How Does This Work on Non-Blonde's?

I was curious to this product's level of versatility, so I used it on my brunette daughter and it did go on with a white cast (which made her hair look grey-ish) but after rubbing it in, it wasn't noticeable. The closer you hold the bottle to your head, the whiter it will come out. That being said, I think (unnatural) blonds who can't stand when their roots grow in will be far more impressed with this product than those who do not experience this hair-tastrophe. For non-blonds, it may very well be just another dry shampoo.

What Others are Saying:

The general consensus is that this product is really good, according to blog posts that I've read and the reviews on Thus, you don't have to take my own personal word for it. 

In a Nutshell:

*White Powdery substance similar to Bumble & Bumble
*Infused with Keratin
*Helps to Camoflauge Roots for Blonds in Between touch-ups & Colorings
*Smells pleasant
*Has typical dry shampoo qualities, gives more volume, absorbs oils
*Supposed to Extend your Blowout
*Has Been Tested Against Bumble & Bumble white powder shampoo, determined to be as good. 
*Cheap and accessible
*Nothing special if you aren't blond but it will clean your hair 

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  1. Thanks for the review. I tried their other dry shampoo and was very meh about it, but I will have to give this a try.