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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ulta Haul: Laura Geller Free Gift With Purchase + Triple Points w/ Ulta Card!

I recently wrote a post about my frustration with a trip to ULTA the other day but I am pleased to be able to write a new post where everything comes out smelling like roses. Or scented lip gloss. I took my chances and went back to ULTA to try to get the Laura Geller free gift w/ purchase that included a mini eye & lip spackle duo (love that she puts both in one compact!) and a mini Bronzed -N- Brighten. And this time I was minus one child and in much better spirits. While there, I signed up to come back on Friday when their Too Faced rep. is in house to do makeup (i.e. make you feel like you need every single item that they put on your face because it is better than what you are currently using, in every single way.) Oh, check out Ms. Geller below during one of her QVC trips. I enjoy watching her when she is on because she is entertaining, funny, and loves to share what she knows.

Back to the original point, my goal was to spend as close to $25 as possible without going over. I wanted the free gift more than the items I had to purchase to get it. I've been wanting to try B & B forever and this was a great way to be able to do so. Thankfully, ULTA has recently stocked their Laura Geller section to feature more than just a few basics and therefor I enthusiastically picked up the "I-Care" waterproof eyeliner. I will say that I have very very little expectations when it comes to (pencil and/or twist up) eyeliners that claim to be smudge proof, waterproof, and life proof. I think these claims should be amended to say something like "Urban Decay 24/7 liner, unless you live in North Carolina" or "Laura Geller Waterproof Eyeliner, unless its summer". Much more believable than actually thinking an eyeliner is going to stay in the exact same condition as it is when its first applied. Hell, it wont even stay in the same condition AS I'm applying it, most of the time. Even with an eye primer, my lids start to get oily at the very thought of stepping outside into the Creamatorium known as summer in the South. 
Yikes, I digress! So, I picked up that liner in "Cafe Mocha", a nice rich dark brown, and that was $17 so I had to buy something else to reach $25. There was nothing particularly cheap to make up this difference besides a $15.50 blush brush (not impressed) and a $16 lipgloss. Course, I chose the lipgloss, the Ultimate Lip Shine, in "Skinny Dip". A very pretty shimmery nude shade. Surprise surprise. 
The famous Laura Geller Bronze -N- Brighten
And by the way, I got the VERY LAST free gift they had (sadly, the Bronzed -n- Brighten was shattered beyond recognition inside the compact). On a lighter note, everything is triple points right now on your ULTA beauty card, a program that pales in comparison to the Sephora Beauty Insider program. I have over 800 points at ULTA and I have yet to get anything besides $4 off my next purchase. As in the NEXT purchase I make besides the one from today. If I had that many points at Sephora, I'd have had an awesome makeup palette of some sort or dozens of 100 point perks. Well, almost. You get the point.

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