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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Should Your Manicure and Pedicure Polish Shades Match?

Well, what do you think? Do you match your fingernail polish to the polish on your toes? What's proper nail etiquette? This very question was posed to a beauty editor in the latest copy of my Lucky magazine and some of her answers were surprising to me. To answer the question simply, no, you do not have to match your mani and pedi color choices. Well, I could have told you that, being that the world of fashion has pretty much turned into a no holds barred approach to mixing prints and genres and color blocking, etc. This "anything goes" attitude would of course translate over to the nail art world right? But here's were the aforementioned beauty editor lost me. She said that unless you are wearing Essie Fifth Avenue (a classic red) or Chanel Vamp (a classic deep wine shade), you should NOT match your nails to your toes. In orther words unless you are wearing red or wine, please do not match. In fact, the editor was horrified at the thought of matching something like a french manicure or a mint green on both the nails and toes. Again, the only acceptable shades for matchy matchy are red and deep vampy shades. 

Call me conservative and closed minded, but I don't like the idea of mismatched mani/pedi shades. I'm not saying that the shades have to be identical but they should at least be in the same genre. Like if you are doing a french manicure on the nails then I think you should have some shade of pink or nude on the toes. I personally don't understand why matching french to french or mint green to mint green is forbidden but its OK to match red to red and wine to wine. Matching is matching lady so either its OK or its not OK. Personally if my toe nails don't semi-match or match my nails its not because I'm following the "nail etiquette" professed in the latest issue of Lucky, but rather, its because I'm too lazy to re-do either the mani or pedi so that they present a cohesive design. So what do you think, yes to matching? No to matching? OK sometimes and not others? Tell me!

By the way, I picked up Essie Wicked today @ Target. I'm feeling my deep dark nail colors again. I'm trying to will the beginning of Fall to hurry up. Essie Wicked is a dark burgundy/wine shade, very popular to the line.


  1. Interesting post :D I usually have something awesome on my fingers, and just have a wine or black on my toes, unless I'm desperate to try a polish, but just did my nails. I switch up my fingers a lot, so I'd hate to have to do the same with my toes.

  2. @Michelle, you are right about not wanting to switch your toe polish every time you switch nail polish! I change my nails like every 4-5 days!