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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Drugstore Haul + Nail of the Day + Sally Hansen Crackle Experimentation

I'm a posting machine as of late. I have around 10 more days of freedom until I have a full-time graduate school load and probably won't even have time to read anything other than school material, let alone write a blog post. So sad but it must be done! I actually think my husband may be pleased to learn how little time I will spend shopping during the next few months because between this full-time graduate school gig and two children, I fear my makeup collection is going to stay the same size as it currently is. So I picked up four things today at the drugstore. Two of them being necessities and two being something I purchased with coupons! So it was virtually free. 

Its either 1987 or I'm just crazy because I bought a shampoo from Jhirmack, Silver Plus. Jhirmack! Do you remember that brand during the 80's? Right along with Final Net and Pert Plus. But I am in need of a shampoo to use once or twice a week that will take away the brassiness I endure for having bleached blonde hair. I have already tried the John Freda and wasn't totally sold so I'm giving old Jhirmack a try. Normally I would frown upon using a cheap-o drugstore shampoo that is loaded with Sulfates, but I figure once or twice a week won't totally kill my hair. Plus its kinda silly to be all for the once a month root bleaching while looking down on using a sulfate infused shampoo a few times per month. Just don't make it a habit though people. Sulfates are bad. 

SO then I picked up the JulieG nail color from Jessie's Girl. If you don't know JulieG713, she's one of the better known YouTube makeup gurus. She was one of the trailblazers to the whole phenomenon actually. She's a celebrity makeup artist too! But I only learned that after watching her for like two years, which made me like her even more because she is so humble and sweet! She's a total class act all around and so so talented. So the brand Jessie's Girl, sold at Rite Aid, created a coral/pink nail color in her honor because she used their products quite frequently during her nail tutorials and coral is her personal fave color. So I wanted to try it!

I ran out of my Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm so I picked up another. I love it. I love anything honey scented or flavored, most of all the Nivea lip balm!

And lastly, a Prestige Waterproof Eyeliner in the color Suede. I've heard great things about their liners and and other products in their line as well. All for cheap yet effective makeup. And I love to share! Prestige is more of a dark taupe-brown than Urban Decay Whiskey which seems to have a tint of red to it. The textures are very similar though. So I'm currently putting it to the test on my right eye while simultaneously wearing the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Whiskey on my left eye.. ooohhh the suspense, how will our little drug store find fare against one of the most popular eyeliners known to man? We will soon find out... 

Prestige liner in Suede on top, Urban Decay 24/7 in Whiskey on bottom
And my nail of the day, Essie Wicked, that I mentioned the other day picking up at Target. I'm liking it, its a close race between Wicked and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark for my favorite dark polish shades of all time. But the OPI quality far surpasses that of Essie, just thought I'd throw that out there. And I did a little Sally Hansen Crackle polish experimentation by using the black shade over a few different colors to see how it looked. Its kind of sloppy but I was just playing around.. 

Yikes, it is pretty sloppy, but has potential.
Essie Wicked, slightly chipped after 1 day of wear. Nice.


  1. I love that JulieG Polish! I picked it up over the weekend! Ive worn it a couple times already its really pretty on it on & under OPI Silver Shatter too :)

  2. @Amber Gray, I love the color too! Its such a pretty coral pink, the formula isn't bad either. That's a great idea to pair it with the silver shatter.. I'm liking the way the silver shatter/crackle looks the best, I had it paired with bright pink and it looked cool.

  3. very unique design. I soo love it.. :) your very artistic.. :)