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Monday, August 29, 2011

Nail Polish Love: Essie Demure VIX

I'm taking a study break to post this because I am that impressed with this beautiful nail polish from Essie. This is a color (Demure vix) that I've passed up numerous times, a shade that looked like a typical dusty mauve and nothing all that special. I'm glad that I actually picked up the bottle to look at the color because as it turns out, its anything but typical. What makes the shade is the coolest purple iridescence that reveals itself when holding the bottle and this translates to the nails when looking at them in the right light or the right direction. I hesitate to use someone else's photo to show you the polish but I was unable to capture that really cool purple flash quality of the polish on my own nails. I found a photo from another blog in which you can see the dual-toned color in the bottle, but trust me, the nails look much better in real life. Its the perfect combination of a really nice neutral with a little something extra to set it apart from your average pink, taupe, beige category. Demure is most definitely a very unique and must-have shade and I'm so glad I gave it a chance!

Photo Credit for Essie Demure vix

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