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Saturday, August 6, 2011

An Ulta Haul Attempt Turned Rant+ Laura Geller Free Gift w/ Purchase Info, Sort Of!

This is going to be a quick post. I recently saw in the Ulta ad that if you spend $25 on a Laura Geller item that you get a free gift. The gifts consist of her eye spackle and lip spackle (primer) in a duo together + a mini Bronzed -N- Brighten, a very well loved product of LG if you are familiar. Coincidentally, I was in Ulta today to check out the LG section and hopefully find something to spend $25 on because I wanted that free gift. The downside to this trip was that I had my two daughters with me. One is a 20 lb one year old that I was carrying on my hip and the other, a 5 year old obsessed with makeup and tugging and pulling at me to go to the "cheap makeup" section so she could get a lipgloss.

Anyway, I wanted to make things short and sweet so I asked an Ulta employee if they had the free gifts for the Laura Geller $25 purchase. Instead of the answer, I received a blank look which prompted further elaboration of the original question, on my part. I told her that this same sentiment was expressed in their recent ad that I had received yesterday. She said, in these exact words, "Well... if the ad says it, then we probably do, unless we ran out" OK dumb-ass, do you want me to go next door to TJ Maxx and ask them or am I wrong in assuming that I should ask an employee of ULTA about a product sold at ULTA that was featured in an ad sent from none other than.... ULTA? And what's worse is that the ad stated that this weekend they were having a couple of in-store Laura Geller events. Events that seemed to have been totally lost on those that are said to be participating in them. 

Sadly, I never did get the answer to my obviously ridiculous and puzzling question because my mood turned sour and the motivation to delve further into new makeup exploration had dissipated when my oldest daughter threw a fit in the NYX section when I turned down her proposal that I buy her a fuchsia jumbo lip pencil. Regrettably, we walked out empty handed and no more educated in the area of Laura Geller free gifts than we had arrived.

A sad sad Saturday in the world of a mom that just wanted to get out of the house and look at pretty things on an extremely humid and rainy day.

Oh, and right now, Ulta is giving you triple points if you purchase select merchandise. My child tore up the ad but I am pretty sure there was Tarte for True Blood products and some Laura Geller stuff on there, along with the new Urban Decay Anniversary eyeshadow palette. My advice is to find the ad online because right now I am about as useful as the young lady I encountered earlier.

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