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Friday, April 1, 2011

What's In My Mailbox? A Couple Of New Sephora Goodies!


I want to make this quick (who am I kidding) because I don't want to overshadow the importance of the "Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Shampoo post" beneath this one. Read it, skim it, gloss over it, just as long as you walk away with the important message. So, I got a box today from Sephora. No surprise there. I think between the delivery carriers and my mailman, the secret is out that I have a huge shopping problem. But I be buying this stuff with my own money so what's it to ya? I bought two things plus received free samples all in the name of taking care of my 32 year old skin.

Juice Beauty Apple Peel:

I have heard rave rave reviews on this and after trying the Brazilian Peels from Sephora (reviews to follow when I compare the two but until then read down below for more info), I was dying to try this one after hearing that a lot of people preferred it over the BP. This is an enzyme peel to be used once per week to exfoliate that dead skin and reveal a brighter and fresher you. I could use that. The reviews on will tempt you big time so don't go read them unless you are seriously in the market for a good at-home peel or if you've always wanted to go to a spa to have this done but just haven't got around to it and are looking for something more convenient. I would say if you are over 28, continue reading my post. If you are under 25, go on and get out of here and enjoy being young while still having an ample supply of collagen in your skin. If you are between these ages, then just use your judgement accroding to your skin care goals.

UPDATE: I am in love with this product. I keep staring at myself in the mirror because my skin is much tighter, smoother, younger in appearance, and brighter than it was 2 hours ago. I can't wait another week to do this peel again. I am in total agreeance with the reviews that say this stuff is a must-have. If you took this peel away from me, I would feel a serious sense of loss. I wish everyone could try it right now so they could be as impressed as I am because I can't express this properly with words. I need to go stare at myself some more. And if I look like this when I wake up, this deal is sealed and I will be stocking up.

Cheri, add this one to your list at the top. Its cheaper than the spa peels and no downtime. Seriously, amazing.

Shiseido SPF 38 Sunscreen (Face):

Shiseido is known for their facial sunscreens. Any time I have ever asked for a recommendation, I get "try Shiseido". I  just never would. I tried Clinique SPF 50 (way too greasy for an every day under makeup sunscreen but maybe better for the beach or pool) and Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 45 (which I really like and have no complaints about). The Shiseido product is supposed to nourish the skin more so than the regular Shiseido SPF face products and I do need nourishment. A bonus is that it is supposed to wear well under makeup and absorb nicely into the skin thus eliminating the need to wait an hour or so before applying makeup. I hope this is true because I hate wearing SPF for the grease factor alone. But most of all, anything with SPF makes me break out! Every single one of them sons a b*tches! I haven't met an SPF face product that hasn't. But its either breakouts or age spots. Which do you want because you will most likely get one of the two. I prefer breakouts because it still symbolizes youth. Yeah, just go with it.

Sephora Offering Brazilian Peel Single Application As Free Sample Right Now!

I have talked about the Brazilian Peels that are sold at Sephora that are do-it-yourself chemical peels. I have a big review post for this product that I am waiting to expose when I get a good idea of how the Juice Beauty Apple peel measures up. The BP details: you use them 1x per week for 10 minutes at a time on the face, neck, and chest area. It is the strongest Glycolic peel that is sold over the counter.  The results are pretty good but you do need to keep up the peels if you want to keep up the results. This is where the $78 for four applications part comes into play. I have heard that some ladies only use half the tube at one time to increase longevity. You can also buy them individually for somewhere in the $20's. I think this is a good idea for special events, dances, dates, whatever.
This is the 4-week treatment for $78 available at Sephora. You will receive one tube if they are still offering samples.
If you are interested, Sephora is offering one application of the BP with the free samples you always get to choose from when you place an order. I don't think they extend this same courtesy if you are purchasing a gift card, only merchandise. So, I received one of these single use BP's last week and used it and ended up seeing great results because it has been over a month since I went through the 4-week application process and I have heard to put a couple of weeks in between uses to let your skin take a break. I gave my skin a break because I didn't want to repurchase them over and over again. So this time, since I put more time in between uses, I noticed better results and more obvious results than when I did one per week. Brighter, clearer, tighter skin that will inevitably go away unless consistently mantained. Enter the Juice Beauty Apple Peel. More bang for your buck.

Who Benefits From These Peel Things?

Once again, my over 30 crowd, this is a good thing for those of us teetering in between the college girls and the grandmothers. It is now that we want to combat age and take measures to do this. Or, those of you that just want to "pre-anti-age". I wish I would have pre-anti-aged back in my late teens and early 20's. My idea of doing this was an SPF 8 in the tanning bed. A couple bouts with sun poisoning and 1000 new freckles later, I wised up. In my defense, the Gen X era did not properly expose us to such luxuries as Dr. Oz and the internet. I am certainly making up for lost time. And make no mistake, peels are not just for old broads, chemical peels are good for anyone under 30 that needs a good exfoliation, has dry skin, or have acne issues! Fry that sh*t off!


Please do your own research on anything that I talk about or suggest doing. I am no expert outside of being one in my own mind. I don't want to hear later about how you made a homemade Glycolic Acid peel and fried your face off. Use your own good judgment and if you only learn one thing from me, let it be this: RESEARCH. You will save time, money, and frustration.

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  1. !!! I got that Juice beauty peel in my Birch Box last month and I am IN LOVE with it. I just haven't been able to afford the full size with shipping yet :( Instead I have been using the Origins peel pads