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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Top Polish Picks For Spring! Which Hues Did I Choose?

I am a bit of a nail polish junkie with very specific taste. I either go for really dark or really light shades. Being that this Spring fashion season is full of gorgeous colors in the blush, beige, and pastel families, I am a big fan of these tones carrying over in the world of nail lacquer. Lately, I've had some great luck in choosing polishes that I end up loving. These shades are the ones that make it into the esteemed category of those that I wear more than once. And when I become really obsessed with a shade, its the only one I wear until something else at the store pops out at me. You will soon see which shade made it into that coveted spot. Now, on to the list and some accompanying pics!

*in no particular order

Essie Topless and Barefoot:

This is my top pick for polish this season. I adore this nude/beige shade with a very very slight pink undertone. It goes with everything and it looks great with tanned skin and all skin tones. You absolutely cannot go wrong with a really good opaque beige nude shade on your nails. One coat goes on streaky, two is getting you almost there, but three is perfection. This is the shade that I had on my nails week after week until I needed a replacement bottle.

OPI Sweetheart:
Did I really need another pale pink? Well, yes, because I still hadn't felt like I found the right one for the job. Until Sweetheart, that is. Sweetheart is what OPI Bubble Bath or Essie Ballet Slippers should have been. What I mean is for how popular those two shades are, they really pale in comparison to Sweetheart. What I love about Sweetheart is that it is much more opaque shade in comparison to the other aforementioned colors. I feel like you need like four coats of Essie Ballet Slippers to do what Sweetheart can do in three and on top of it, look much prettier. Not only is this shade beautiful on its own, it would be perfect for French Manicures as well. Generally speaking, Sweetheart is your true pale pink that you may see in a bouquet of roses on Valentine's Day. If you are going to have only one shade of its kind, let it be this one.

Essie Turquoise and Cacos:
If you loved China Glaze "For Audrey" or Essie "Mint Candy Apple", you will love this one. Turquoise and Cacos does vary from these shades in that it is more of a blue-green as opposed to the Tiffany Blue or Seafoam green that the other two shades can be described as. This is one of those shades that looks great on both the toes as well as nails because it packs enough of a punch to really stand out on the toenails. Some women tend to go more bold on the toes than they would on the nails but I feel that this shade is worthy enough for both. With all of the beautiful neutrals we are seeing on the runways and in the department stores, its nice to have a bold bright color to spice up the wardrobe a little! Paired with a coral top or dress, perfection!

Revlon Blue Lagoon:

I am not crazy about the nail polish formula from Revlon but if you have a really amazing top coat, hopefully you can get a few days or more of wear out of one of these. But this review isn't about the formula, its about the shade! And in that case, this shade gets five stars without a doubt. This is a very pretty periwinkle blue with a very subtle shimmer. The formula is creamy and this makes it very easy to get really great coverage in two coats. Blue Lagoon is something I picked up recently in the newly released Revlon polishes and cream eyeshadows. Along with this gorgeous blue was an adorable pale yellow that is next on my list!
Sally Hansen Cafe Au' Lait:

Before I fell in love with Topless and Barefoot by Essie, my heart belonged to Cafe Au' Lait. This is also a beautiful beige-nude but is slightly darker than T&B in that it almost reminds me of a lighter shade of mocha. To go one step further, it resembles what coffee looks like after you dump a ton of creamer in it. Aside from the bad metaphors, its a very wearable and perfect for this season nail color. Much like most of the shades in this genre of nudes, it can be worn with anything. And if you want to kick it up a notch, pick one of your nails and throw a glitter polish on top to offset the neutral that is on the other nails. My choice for accomplishing this? OPI Teenage Dream.

OPI Teenage Dream:

Speaking of which! This is my favorite glitter polish, hands down. This spot used to belong to OPI Mad as a Hatter until Katy Perry's OPI collection came along and stole the show with Teenage Dream, the stand-out polish in that collection. Teenage Dream is a beautiful pink polish with lots of silver and multi-toned glitter. It looks positively awesome if you are going for a super special look on your toes. To top it all off, it wears forever and ever if you have a top coat over it. This can be a double-edged sword when you want to remove it but if you need a tip for quick glitter polish removal, please see my list of home remedy beauty treatments that I posted a while ago. One coat of this will not be enough to really blingEbay of course. If you a girl who likes the bling, you will love Teenage Dream by OPI.

Revlon Peach Petal:
This list would not be complete without a peach shade of nail polish. Being that peach is my everything as far as colors go, I had to include this dreamy peaches and cream shade on my list. Once again, staying power of Revlon polish is a total disappointment. But what they lack in formulation, they make up for in color selection. This is a very creamy peach and will be full coverage at two to three coats depending on how thick you layer it on. This is a strictly peach tone and void of any shimmer or conflicting undertones. An absolutely gorgeous shade that fits right in with the color trends of Spring.


  1. Nice post. Dream, the stand-out polish in that collection.

  2. Hey; I recently picked up Blue Lagoon, and have to agree with you. It's gorgeous.