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Monday, April 4, 2011

Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Perversion: You Can't Get Any Blacker Than This!

I will admit, I had no idea what Urban Decay's 24/7 liner in Perversion was all about until a few days ago. I had ordered one strictly on the basis that it was becoming a sought after eyeliner because of the fact that UD doesn't sell it on its own. Of course not. Perversion was part of the 15th Anniversary 24/7 liner set and isn't sold separately at the moment. So, I did what any makeup junkie would do and ordered mine on Ebay just to see what all the fuss was about.

Urban Decay 24/7 Liners L to R: Corrupt, Zero, Perversion
Yeah, so what, its a black eyeliner. No, Urban Decay's Zero is a black eyeliner and Perversion is SUPER DUPER DEEP BLACK on steroids. No shimmer, no undertones, no frills. A true, no nonsense, matte black liner. I was curious to see how this new little gem compared to my previous most often used black, Zero. There was a time when I thought Zero was a pretty damn good black. Now that I've tried Perversion, I'm afraid Zero will now be demoted to my "if I run out of Perversion" liner.

Not Only Is It Blacker...
But its also very matte. It dries much, for lack of a better word, dryer. It looks and feels like I drew the swatch on my wrist with a black Sharpie marker. Very smooth, not tacky or sticky. And no transfer when I swiped my finger across the swatch. This was not the case with the other shades.

Where To Buy:
I purchased mine for $25 on Ebay which isn't terrible considering its only $7 more than any of the 24/7's from the permanent line. And it is also full size. 

The drugstore brand, Prestige (I've seen it mostly at Rite Aid) makes a supposed exact dupe: Prestige Total Intensity Deepest Black. What I've heard is this particular dupe isn't very good on the waterline but is much better suited for upper eyelid territory.

As far as high-end comparable liners go, I've heard that MAC Feline Eye Kohl is a pretty similar liner to Perversion. With the exception of one major difference: Feline is easier to smudge. That is no surprise because since when doesn't Feline smudge? Feline smudges even when you don't want it to smudge. I prefer the consistency of a 24/7 liner because it goes on soft but it doesn't behave like a really soft liner in the way of smudging and transferring.

Worth spending the extra $7 for? Most def.

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