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Saturday, April 30, 2011

MAC Summer Shower Lipstick, Fashionflower Collection: Aqua Lipstick? What? How?!

Call me conservative but I just don't see how one can pull off a lipstick shade that belongs anywhere in the blue family. Typically, I am someone who is very loyal to her nudes, so something like fushia or red would be what I would consider a bold look, making Mac Summer Shower lipstick a complete and total deviation from my norm. I had no earthly clue what to do with this lipstick but the curiosity was getting the better of me and if nothing else, it is simply a gorgeous color to look at. In your garden. Or a baby nursery. But on the lips? Hmm..

While in MAC today, I asked my favorite MAC girl how one would go about wearing this crazy blue hue. She told me that it looks absolutely stunning over hot pink or plum toned lipsticks. Wearing Summer Shower over shades such as these is supposed to just give a gorgeous and unique sheen to the overall lip look. Ok, I'm with ya so far. Unfortunately, I have neither a hot pink nor a plum toned lipstick in my collection therefor this single lip look just became a lip combo which will tack on extra cash to an otherwise $14.50 purchase. Fortunately for me, Summer Shower is a glaze formula and glaze = painfully sheer and totally wearable. What could have been a pretty scary shade for most just got knocked down a few pegs on the freak-o-meter with MAC's rather safe choice in pigmentation for this particular lipstick. Doesn't seem like such a stretch now that I've seen it swatched. You be the judge!

Mac Summer Shower Lipstick (glaze)

Summer Shower on the right (courtesy of

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  1. babe rub some so chaude (bright red) onto your lips with your finger, then put on the summer shower lipstick. you get a very pretty unique pink x