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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wet & Wild, Rimmel Clearance @ Rite Aid

I can't say that every Rite Aid has the same markdowns but while I was in my store today, they had a bunch of Wet & Wild clearanced for 75% off! As if it weren't cheap enough already. Some of the markdowns included  their single eyeshadows (I got Brulee for around 49cents, great ivory matte highlight color btw) and their Mega-Last matte lipstick (another 49cent deal). They also had a bunch of their nail polishes 75% off as well as some of their palettes. As for Rimmel, all of their eyeshadows were clearanced as well as certain colors of  lipglosses. So go get you some! 

I'm on the hunt for a peach-coral eyeshadow, a true vibrant peach, not to be confused with the really light peachy "highlight" shades. Something similar to MAC Paradisco. Any ideas?

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