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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fragrance I'm Loving: Narcisco Rodriguez for Her

You know you LOVE a perfume when you practically get paper cuts from rubbing the magazine page sample so vehemently to get every last bit they offer you. That's what happened when I smelled the delicious sent of Narcisco Rodriguez for Her. This intoxicating aroma contains notes of Pink Chypre, Pink Floral, Woodsy, Soft Amber, Flower Honey, and Sheer Chypre. Its been described as seductive, feminine, and velvety. I would say that about sums it up. Its a very soft, light, wearable scent that will not give you or anyone around you a headache. The notes blend together so effortlessly that you can't quite pinpoint which of the notes is the most powerful. Narcisco Rodriguez for Her is available in an Eau de Toilette and an Eau de Parfum, which boils down to "semi-affordable" and "holy crap, that's expensive". 

I would venture to say that this is a fragrance that most people will like, regardless of scent preference. I absolutely love it and I usually dislike about 90% of fragrances. To give you an idea of my preferences, I love Thierry Mugler Angel, Thierry Mugler Alien, Bond No. 9 I Love NYC, Tom Ford Violet Blonde. All very unique, all slightly unusual, and all getting me a ton of compliments. I've just added Narcisco for Her to the list.

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