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Monday, February 6, 2012

Product Rediscovery: Jane Eyeshadow in Brownie Points

Oh my gosh, what happened to Jane products? I remember my Rite Aid and Walgreens used to carry them a few years back and then they slowly starting phasing them out. Jane used to make some fantastic matte blushes and some really great eyeshadows too. Namely, Brownie Points. This used to be my favorite dark matte brown of all time. I bought MAC Handwritten once and was thinking oh this will be similar to my Jane shadow.. um. no. The similarities ended at "they are both powders". So as I was shopping my own stash which is located in the reject drawer in my bathroom, I saw my forgotten love. I pulled it out and used it today in the crease with a Bare Escentuals taupe color from the Truth "Ready" quad. It blends effortlessly, is so pigmented and is basically what all matte shades should be. As for the color, its kind of a smoky deep brown with no distracting undertones. I know its kind of rude to talk about how amazing a product is that is discontinued but discontinued doesn't mean anything except that you have to try to buy it online as opposed to going to the store. Which is easier anyways. 

Jane Brownie Points eyeshadow (above) Photo taken by me.


  1. I covet your brand new looking Brownie Points. I use to buy these at Walgreens four at a time. This is the only color I see fit for my eyebrow filler. I am currently using one of my last completely broken and almost gone Brownie Points. Why do they take away the best!

    1. I have one extra that is broken but practically new and tons of product left. Would you like me to send it to you?

    2. Mine just ran out two months ago, it was my eyebrow filler. It lasted me almost fifteen years, and now I can't find it any where! If you know of any place that carries brownie points please tell me.

    3. I have a practically new one that is crumbled but obviously can still be used. Would you like me to send it to you? I have another one that I won't use up in a lifetime so I can send you the extra. I don't see a point in keeping it to myself if I won't end up using it since my other will last me forever! Let me know. My email is

  2. Do you still have the crumbled up Brownie Points eyeshadow? lol... Im serious. (