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Friday, February 10, 2012

Drugstore Review: Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude

It seems as though all the makeup companies, high-end to drugstore are on this "nude" kick aren't they? The success of the Urban Decay Naked Palette really told the world that we want wearable, neutral shades that we can dress up or down. Soon, companies like Stila, The Balm, and Too Faced followed suit with their versions of neutral palettes. Smart move.

The closest I've seen at the drugstore to a "Naked Palette" if you will, has been Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in Nude. Now, Shimmer Strips aren't new but the packaging and concept for the nude version is. And the packaging is an eye-catcher! Its the same rectangular palette with various strips of eyeshadow but its adorned in black lace with the word "NUDE" on the front. These shadows can be worn wet or dry and are comprised of 9 shadows or 3 different "trios" that can be worn together to create looks from natural to nighttime. It also comes with an odd little angled sponge tip applicator which is actually kind of useful for applying the shadow wet as liner if you don't have an angled brush. Of course I was going to be a sucker for a semi-affordable (around $10) eyeshadow palette that contains my favorite types of colors so I picked it up. And here's what I think.

-Really pretty shades ranging from good highlight shades like peach and ivory to wearable natural shades like taupes and beiges to dramatic shades like dark brown and black (which double as liners). They aren't glittery, so don't be scared by "shimmer" strips but they do provide a nice sheen. 

-Pigmented. The darker colors are more pigmented but you can build on the lighter ones to get the look you want. They blend very nicely as well. I used the darker shades as liners and I quite liked them in this capacity. 

-Functional. I like having 9 color options in one portable palette. 

If you want me to compare this little drugstore gem to the likes of the UD Naked Palette, I will say that the Physicians Formula option is not similar. Its much more natural and less pigmented with little room for drama unless you want to use the black. The shades, while very pretty, aren't unique like Urban Decay but I also find them to have less fall-out due to the fact they do not have glitter. Overall its a great little affordable palette for travel and for everyday wear. If you're a nudes kind of girl, you pretty much have everything you need in this palette.

Physicians Formula Nude Shimmer Strips Photos taken by me!

Swatches with flash (above) Photo taken by me.

Swatches without flash (above). Photo taken by me.


  1. I didn't know whether or not it was worth it when I saw it in stores, and now I'm sorry I didn't pick it up, since I've heard such great things about it!

    1. I'm sure its still available, I've seen it at most of the stores around me! Good luck!

  2. gotta find this. i'm on a serious budget, and this is a great find! can't wait to try it and review it myself.

    1. I would say its def worth the $10 to get all of those pretty shadows!

  3. Great post. I love nude and use it a lot. Must have this one :)

  4. I actually bought this and then returned it the next day. I was so taken in by the packing (it is just SO cute)... but on my complexion (medium with lots of yellow undertones) the color pay off was just not worth it. All of the lighter shades were so sheer that they simply looked the same. Only two of the three darker shades actually showed up to make a difference and I didn't think it was worth the price for just those two shades.

    It was disappointing mostly because it looked so pretty and I had heard such great reviews about it.