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Friday, February 3, 2012

Nikki Minaj for OPI: The Mini's Set + OPI Error in My Favor

I knew I should have gone to ULTA sooner for fear of not being able to get Pink Friday (milky pink) and Save Me (platinum silver glitter) from the new collection. They had one mini set left and a few of the Did it On Em' (the weird green one), one Fly (the pretty blue), and several Metallic 4 Life (the black glitter) and the Shatter shade (purple/burgundy). I looked at the mini set and was glad that it included Fly and Pink Friday but I wasn't interested in the Metallic 4 Life, why couldn't they have put Save Me in there instead? Wait a minute, they DID put Save Me in there instead but the box says its Metallic 4 Life. This OPI mistake appears to be my gain since Save Me was the shade I wanted in the first place. I asked the girl ringing me up and she said that yes, indeed, OPI had made a mistake putting Save Me in the box when it was supposed to be Metallic 4 Life. Some boxes do have Metallic 4 Life and some have Save Me. Photos illustrate this below. 

Correct Nikki Minaj Mini Set w/ M4Life (above)
Incorrect mini set that has Save Me but the box reads Metallic 4 Life (above)


  1. Ha, well, it was definitely your gain that's for sure. Save Me is a gorgeous color


    1. absolutely! Its so pretty, looks great paired with pink friday as a glitter accent nail!