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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nails of the Day + Review: Nikki Minaj for OPI Did It On Em'

I have to admit, "Did it On Em'" was my least favorite shade of the bunch upon first glance. Its this very odd bright green pea soup color that I would never be drawn to had I not purchased it as part of a set along with three other much more visually appealing shades (Fly, Pink Friday, Save Me). After testing all of the shades, I was actually quite intrigued by the outcast and found it more interesting than the other colors of the collection. I decided to pursue the idea of painting all of my nails in this color further. And I took the plunge.

After staring at my nails adorned in "Did it On Em'", I couldn't help but wonder.... did WHAT on em, Nikki? Given the shade of this polish, "it" can't be good. It reminds me of battery acid, or worse yet, the bodily fluid excreted by Reagen on the (original) Exorcist movie when she utterly humiliates her poor mother in front of their guests. I mean, granted, she was possessed by the devil, so these things will happen. But what's even stranger? I LIKE this color. I feel like if you have a seemingly unwearable color, you should try to "normalize" it with what clothing you wear. For instance, it looks really cool up against an eggplant or dark teal sweater or scarf. Wear some prettier shades that will compliment this bright green and you will probably end up liking it. I did.
Nikki Minaj for OPI Did it On Em, with flash (above) without flash (below) All photos taken by me.

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