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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Some MAC Goodies From Extra Dimensions and Reel Sexy

I find it extremely difficult to keep up with MAC's incessant collection releases. I have mentioned this thought in more than one of my posts but it remains to be true. Had I known there would be an orangey-peach shade of lipstick in the form of an Amplified Cream being released in the Reel Sexy collection, I would have been online the morning of the release date ready to pounce. Instead, I paid $10 more for it on Ebay a week after because I'm too busy to even apply lipstick (GASP!) let alone buy any. I did manage to get my hands on the MAC Skinfinish in Superb without having to resort to Ebay. This product was released in the Extra Dimensions collection around the same time as Reel Sexy. It was love at first swatch when I saw JulieG713's video where she revealed this little gem. It was of course sold out in my MAC store and online but they still had it at Nordstrom! I snatched it up and then checked back later to see if they had any left and they did not. I just happened to get lucky. So I have both items now and I really am enjoying them both. 

MAC Reel Sexy Lipstick: If you don't like orange lipstick, this one may not be for you. However, this is not a bright and crazy orange and it can be worked with in order to downplay the brightness. So I did what I do with any color that is a bit much and I softened it up and dulled it down with MAC Myth. Below I have swatches of what Reel Sexy looks like on its own and then when mixed with a bit of Myth which gives it this great orange creamsicle look. As I said, this is an Amplified formula which is very creamy and lovely but can tend to accentuate any lip imperfections so wear a lip balm and exfoliate first!

MAC Skinfinish in Superb: This is a gorgeous rose-gold highlight powder with a beautiful embossed design giving it a really cool look and texture. It provides more of a really great sheen than a glittery mess. Its very pigmented when swatching on the hands but is much more subtle on the face. Below you will see how bold it comes across on my fingers but then much more wearable and sheer on my wrist. Love love love!

MAC Reel Sexy mixed with Myth Lipstick (left) and MAC Reel Sexy on its own (right)

MAC Skinfinish in Superb, photo taken by me

MAC Skinfinish in Superb, photo taken by me

MAC Superb swatched on my wrist, photo taken by me


  1. Such pretty products! Reel Sexy looks like such a fun summer lip color!!

  2. yayyyyy finally u got it. Congratulations !!! :)
    Happy for you.
    Love this MAC Skin finish Superb. such a gorgeous highlighter