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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Review for St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse

I've been watching QVC demonstrations of St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse for a couple of years now, each time getting closer and closer to making the purchase. If you're a self-tanning kind of girl, you know that there are two enemies involved here: orange and streaky. Which is why I was so tempted by St. Tropez because the color seemed to apply so evenly and easily with the most beautiful rich golden brown shade. I knew I had to have the applicator mitt as well which was about 50% of the reason why this tanner looks so good. And its a total time saver.

*Please note, my review is based on my experience with the product using the mitt, I can't say that it applies the same exact way or is as easy without it. I am sure you could forgo the mitt but I think its amazing.

So let's talk bronzing mousse. 


*The texture is very light and it is basically what it says it is: a mousse. 

*The mitt allows you to really rub in the product thoroughly and eliminate streaking.

*With the mitt, I was able to apply to my hands and feet with very minimal streaking! I had to go examine myself in natural light because I couldn't believe it turned out so well.

*Dries quickly!!! I experience no stickyness even when I was hot and sweaty. And because of the quick-dry, there is very little transfer compared to others I've tried.

*The color is perfect, it is a gorgeous bronzey golden brown, no orange anywhere in site! 

*Much more natural color than any other tanner I've tried (Tan Towels, Sun Laboratories, Jergens, Banana Boat)

*VERY easy to apply (using the mitt) which made for a much quicker application and less mess and hassle. 

*NO MESS (with the mitt), no washing the hands every 3 minutes to make sure they don't stain while your rubbing in your lotion and no washing the hands afterwards (unless you want to)

*There is a nice smell when you're applying it but the next day that fades. The plus is that it isn't as bad as other tanners, I didn't even notice any bad smell at all until the next day and it is pretty faint. 


*A bit pricey, $30 for 4oz (the smallest size available from Sephora, can also be purchased from QVC, there are no deals on Ebay so you might as well skip it) + $6 for the mitt

*I will not use it on my face. I break out if I look at 99% of face products the wrong way. But if you aren't sensitive, you can probably get away with it.

Expensive, yes. Worth it, absolutely!

Comparing it against other popular brands:

Tan Towels: I like these because they are SO easy to use and the color lasts a while but its not that deep golden brown that St. Tropez is. Plus it transfers really badly.

Sun Labs: I love the color of this stuff in the extra dark formula but application of it SUCKS. If you don't have something over your hands you have to stop what your doing every few minutes to wash your hands or they will stain. Plus it streaks bad when you apply it and doesn't look good until you take a shower to get the excess off. I tried applying it with a Kabuki brush and it was better. Similar color to St. Tropez but much more of a hassle. 


  1. Kandee Johnson has raved about this stuff too. Maybe it's worth checking out after all...

    1. Im sure you will love it, its so nice and light so you don't have to break your arm rubbing it in everywhere. Oh, and it dries quickly, crap I should add that to the post since that's important!! Its super hot where I live and even when I'm sweating, its not sticky!

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